Hong Kong Interlude

Hong Kong last week was a cool getaway from Manila with my sister and her family. We had actually booked the trip before it turned into an ASEAN holiday, so we still had our pick of flights and hotels. I decided to document the trip with a video camera that’s about ten years old. It was pretty awesome to look back on these moments from the trip while I was editing to create these vlogs.

I hope you enjoy these three videos! If you like them, please subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’ve got much more coming up from my trips to Taiwan as well as the Angkor Wat Half Marathon.

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 6

I only have three weeks before the Angkor Wat Half Marathon, which is just around the time my immune system usually dips due to increased training. Normally I get away with it and stay healthy because I just avoid going to crowded places like malls where I might come into contact with viruses. Unfortunately, last week my nephew came down with a terrible one-day bug, which came from his dad and was also passed onto his mom and myself. While I felt well enough to run on Monday and Wednesday, I started getting congestion from this cold and it’s turned into a post-nasal drip that’s affected my voice. I would normally train through a cold like this, but I’m flying to Hong Kong tomorrow for a family trip and I know it’s super-miserable to be sick when away from home.

So the past four days I’ve done only brisk walks while running last-minute errands, dosing up on vitamins and decongestants so that by the time I leave for the trip I’m on the mend. I hate skipping training like this, but I know if I don’t rest now I may jeopardize my big race.

I haven’t been to Hong Kong in maybe 10 years, and the last time I was there I wasn’t a runner yet! I can’t wait to try at least one of these routes recommended on Strava, even though we’ve only got three days and two nights and I’ll probably only run once.

I’m also testing a new pair of shoes, so that adds a bit more spice to the running. If all goes well, these might be the shoes to take me through the Angkor Wat Half Marathon. I’m going to need good traction, since this video below shows that the road surface there is a mix of packed red dirt and asphalt.

Running through the temple complex? That’s something I don’t want to miss. So wish me luck I limit the damage this cold deals to me. Cheers and I’ll catch you up on my Hong Kong trip in my next blog post!

TRI-Factor Philippines on December 2

Looking for that last-hurrah triathlon before the brunt of the Christmas season descends on the country? Want to experience the thrill of the finish line without spending all day on the race course? Or maybe you’re searching for the thrill of being offroad?

You’ll find all those things at TRI-Factor Philippines happening on December 2, 2017 at La Luz Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Continue reading “TRI-Factor Philippines on December 2”

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 5

I’ve been feeling pleased with myself lately ticking off all my required run workouts. With three weeks left I’ve really started to ramp up mileage on the weekends. My weekday run sessions have been about training my body to hold good form during higher intensity efforts, leaving me to enjoy just rambling through my stomping grounds on Saturdays to put time on my feet.

To whet my appetite and yours for the racing up ahead, here’s the official Angkor Wat International Half Marathon race course preview video: Continue reading “Road to Angkor Wat, Week 5”

Justice League Fun Run in Cebu and Manila November 2017

This is my favorite time of year — not only because it’s gotten cool enough to run comfortably in the mornings, but also because so many awaited films come out around the holidays. Ever since Wonder Woman wowed audiences earlier this year (later on breaking records as the highest-grossing superhero origin film), I have been waiting for Justice League with bated breath. So when November rolled around, I was like, “It’s Justice League month!”

In line with the worldwide premiere of Justice League on November 16, Global Procurement Inc. is staging the Justice League Fun Run on November 19 in Cebu (SM City Cebu) and November 25 in Manila (SM Mall of Asia). This fun run offers 3K, 5K, and 10K distance categories.Β  Continue reading “Justice League Fun Run in Cebu and Manila November 2017”