How To Get Your COVID-19 Booster

Happy New Year, dear reader!

And so we are back for Pandemic Year 3 in 2022, but I still feel more optimistic than I did in 2020 and 2021 despite the surge of new cases we’re experiencing. That’s because we know more now about COVID-19 and have effective vaccines and therapeutics.

When the Philippine Department of Health opened booster availability to those past the three-month mark since their second dose, I was already at my five-month mark and definitely eligible. However, the LGU where I live hadn’t opened their walk-in booster program yet, so instead I booked in at the Solaire ICTSI Foundation Vaccination Center (SIVC) at the Nayong Pilipino Foundation drive-through. My appointment pushed through on December 30, 2021 and I made two TikTok videos about the experience to get the info out and hopefully help more people get vaccinated and boosted.

Since I posted those TikToks, the SIVC has updated their registration process so now you can book specifically for a booster dose. (Previously, the registration made no distinction and everyone got SMS confirmations for “first dose”.)

I’ve made a vlog update which you can watch below, or scroll down for a quick and easy guide.

How to Register for Your Booster at the NPF Drive-Through

  1. Visit and click “Register.”
  2. You will have the option to select “First/Second Dose,” “Booster,” or “Booster for eZConsult Patient.” If you were vaccinated at an LGU or private site that used the eZConsult platform, select the third option. Otherwise, select “Booster.”
  3. You will be asked to input data about your first and second doses. The required fields are: Vaccine, Vaccination Date, Vaccination Time, Batch ID (Lot No.), Dosage Strength, Vaccination Site, and Nurse Name. (You can Google for your vaccine brand’s primary series dosage strength.)

In 24 to 48 hours (or if you registered on the weekend it could take up to 72 hours), you will receive a confirmatory text message and email with your Patient Number and login and password information for the eZConsult platform. Once you log into the platform, the system will automatically book you in for your appointment and email you a QR code. Your appointment could be for the following day or the day after, depending on how many registrants there are.

At your vaccination appointment at the NPF Drive Through you will be asked for your government ID, vaccination card, and QR code. You will also need to write down your Patient Number at some point, so keep that handy as well. (Don’t forget to bring your own ballpen to fill out the two forms they hand you.)

If you do not have a car to go to a drive-through site, no problem! There are Local Government Units here in Metro Manila that will accept either walk-ins or let you schedule a booster appointment. Here are a few I know of (let me know in the comments if you know of any other walk-in booster sites!).

Makati City – register at to get your identifier code, then proceed to walk-in sites (bring a photocopy of your vax card and ID). The Makati City official Facebook page has a capacity tracker posted several times a day so you can go to the least crowded site.

ParaΓ±aque City – register at There are multiple vaccination sites to choose from, but people always recommend the Ayala Malls at the Bay site because it’s spacious and has plenty of vaccine supply.

Pasig City – boosters are walk-in at sites announced on the Pasig City Information Office Facebook page, with each site capacity at 1,500 daily. It’s better if you register for a Pasig Pass and update your Pasig Health Monitor details beforehand.

I hope this helps you to make sure that you have all of your defenses prepared in case you get exposed — which is what happened in my case. On New Year’s Day, we picked up some food from relatives who just dropped it off. A few days later we were informed that one of them had tested positive.

I’m currently on home isolation waiting for my city to book my RT-PCR swab test since I have cold symptoms. I will let you know what happens, but whether or not I test positive I am so thankful I got my vaccines earlier and that I got my booster (even if it hadn’t kicked in yet when I got exposed). I know I did everything I could to protect myself and my loved ones getting infected or developing severe disease, and so far none of my immediate family members have developed any symptoms.

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