How to Shop Adidas Online [UPDATED] + Face Mask Review

To keep up with trends, I’m susbscribed to a number of sports apparel companies’ email marketing lists. (That’s a roundabout way of saying I shopped at their websites and now I get their emails.) When I saw that Adidas has started carrying face covers in the online shop as well as in store, I decided to buy a set from so I could review them for you.

Inadvertently I also found out about Adidas’ new shopping and shipping process. Last year, orders would take months to ship out from their warehouse in Singapore. Now, they’ve integrated the online shopping website with their in-store presence so that you’re actually buying through the local Adidas distributor. This cuts shipping times down because if the item is in stock locally it will get to you in one to two weeks. And if the item still has to be shipped from Singapore to the Philippines, the local distributor’s supply chain will handle customs and duties clearances which also significantly cuts transit time.

From the time I ordered the Adidas face covers (as well as a pair of Adidas pool slides) to the time they were in my hands, it took less than a week. Contrast that with my experience last year ordering SL20’s, and this is really a step up and such an improvement.

You can watch my vlog below for a rundown of the shopping and shipping process as well as a review of the Adidas face covers, or scroll down to keep reading.

How to Shop at Adidas Online [UPDATED]

Adidas Face Cover Review

The Adidas face covers or masks are made with Primegreen: high-performance recycled materials. This is supposed to be lightweight and breathable. The masks are also completely washable and reusable, which means cutting down on waste (vs. single-use or disposable masks). For added protection there’s a filter pocket, but you’ll have to buy your own filter inserts.

A pack of 3 costs Php 900, which means they come out to P300 each. It’s not bad, especially if you’re like me and want your mask to match your apparel and shoe brand during a workout. They’re also fitted nicely, so no sliding up and down once I’ve got them on — and the earloops don’t make my ears hurt!

However, because the masks were constructed with no added structural support, the material tends to collapse into your nostrils and mouth especially if you’re breathing hard and sweating heavily. I’m assuming that these face covers were designed for countries where people could go maskless while exercising — and the Philippines is not one of those countries.

For me, the Adidas face covers are suited to easy workouts or if you just want to rock the Three Stripes while you’re out and about. Because they fit so closely around my nose and cheeks, it’s hard to wear a mask bracket underneath. But they sure look good with the rest of my running outfit…

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