Should You Sign Up for Races in 2021?

I didn’t really plan to vlog this today, but I ran across a news article about the Valentine’s Day cycling race that managed to piss off a town due to attracting too many spectators and not managing the crowd or post-race activities. It’s mindblowing to me that some think it’s in people’s best interest to hold events that will gather people (violating distancing protocols etc.). But then again we live in a country which allowed a large religious gathering that attracted more than 10,000 participants. And some people in government are pushing for further crowd controls to be relaxed…

Anyway, this vlog is specific to the Philippine situation, and for age-group/recreational athletes. Other countries are in different situations and are allowing races to push through because they: have their COVID infections under control, have a robust public healthcare system, or they just don’t care (LOL). Here, where there are some controls mandated by government but COVID infections have still not gotten under control, we’re seeing some races open for registration.

So, the question is: should you be signing up for races in 2021?

Here are my top considerations. Watch the vlog below, or scroll down for a quick overview.

Considerations When Signing Up for Races in 2021

#1: Consider the infection rate in your locale, and at the race venue. You don’t want to be an unwitting vector bringing the virus into that community, nor do you want to catch the virus and bring it home.

#2: Consider the health protocols in effect and whether those are sufficient for you to feel safe when racing.

#3: Consider whether you can really afford the race being cancelled or postponed, including travel and related costs with the cost of registration.

#4: Consider if it really is essential for you to race to enjoy your sport.

As the situation changes in the Philippines, I’ll be using these four considerations to decide whether or not to roll the dice on a race. If you live somewhere community transmission is low and a race is happening locally, then consider that a green light and go ahead and support the event (the organizer will need it and appreciate it!). However, if you’re like me living in Metro Manila which used to be the epicenter of COVID in the country, there’s no harm in biding your time and waiting for things to improve. For now, my answer is still the same as last year’s.

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

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