Nike Tempo NEXT% First Impressions + Q&A

I got my seeded pair of the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% this week, which meant IΒ just had to take them out for a short run. I wanted to know if the hype was real, because even if these aren’t the Alphafly NEXT%, the Tempo NEXT% are built on the same platform and are supposed to be the trainer shoe version of the shoe that propelled Eliud Kipchoge towards a sub-two hour marathon.

Friends, I was not disappointed. The Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% definitely gave me a speed boost (that I somehow felt I didn’t deserve due to how crap my training has been all year). I felt it most on long straight flat sections of my 500-meter home loop, where I felt like I could run forever and really keep building speed. Due to the stack (sole height) on these shoes I didn’t feel quite stable enough to lean and bank on the turns, but otherwise I was running faster and with less effort than usual.

Anyway, I asked my followers and readers to submit any questions they had about the shoe, and I answered them in the following vlog. Scroll down if you want a written version of the Q&A.

  1. Are these similar to the Alphafly? Does it give bounciness as well as speed? Yes, read here about the relationship between the Alphafly and the Tempo.
  2. Are those soles with air? Yes, the Tempo NEXT% has two Zoom Air units in the forefoot.
  3. Is it more bouncy than the React sole? Having run in the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit, the TEmpo NEXT% is bouncier due to its composite plate, ZoomX midsole, and Zoom Air units.
  4. Is it soft/good cushion? Yes, due to the amount of material in the midsole, it felt very cushioned through the heel and midfoot.
  5. How responsive was it? It definitely picked up speed when I wanted it to, and I never felt like it didn’t push out the energy I put in.
  6. Wasn’t it stiff on the heel? No, the heel was quite soft to land on but given how the shoe was constructed, I was encouraged to land more forward, on the midfoot.
  7. Is it really as loud as everybody says? Short answer: yes. Long answer: if you want to maximise the propulsion, you do need to load up the shoe with energy. One way to do that is through increased pushdown/impact.
  8. Can you use it without socks? I didn’t try, but you definitely can accustom your foot and skin to it. Main problem/blister areas would be around the Achilles.
  9. How much? The shoe retails on for P10,195.
  10. Is the price tag worth it? You can use this shoe as a racer if you’re not super elite. Depending on how long this shoe will last, the price might be worth it to someone really pushing to get a new personal record or qualifying time.
  11. Rate from 1-10. For me, it’s an 8.


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