Why Join the World Vision Virtual Run for Children?

I’ve joined a few virtual runs in the past few years and have found them really good fun and a different way of motivating myself to run.

In a regular race, you sign up and train for the distance, then do it all in one place at one time with all the runners who have signed up. Virtual runs have different mechanics that make them perfect for this pandemic period. If you’re having a difficult time getting yourself out the door to run these days with no race on the horizon, signing up for a virtual run is a good idea, and I’ll tell you why.

Run anywhere, any time.

No need to wake up early and travel to the race venue with a virtual run. Using your GPS sports watch or even just a running tracker app on your phone, you can record a run wherever you want to do it. (Treadmill runs count, too!)

Run cumulatively.

Virtual runs are usually of the cumulative sort, where you can accumulate mileage over several runs to meet the required distance. So even if you can only run up to 3 kilometers in one go, if you run every day those kilometers will still add up!

Run consistently.

In trying to meet the cumulative mileage, most runners will choose to run regular short runs rather than try to log everything in one go. So trying to meet a 50-kilometer, 100-kilometer, or 200-kilometer goal within a month, for instance, means running more than once a week.

Run for a cause.

This is where I tell you all about the World Vision Virtual Run for Children. While in past years the World Vision Run has been held in physical locations, this year you can make a difference with your registration by doing it virtually.

In partnership with Takbo.ph, the World Vision Virtual Run for Children offers opportunity for people during this community quarantine to help, donate, and be physically active in the safety and convenience of their own homes.

Sign up to complete a total mileage of either 21K, 50K, 100K or 200K between June 15 to July 31 to earn your World Vision Virtual Run for Children Finisher Shirt and a Finisher Medal.

World Vision works for the future of Filipino children – a future where children grow up to be healthy and educated. Education and health and nutrition have great power in fighting poverty.

See registration packages and details below:

I RUN FOR EDUCATION (STANDARD – 1,050): Microfiber Polyester (Drifit) Fabric and Finisher’s Medal, e-Certificate, inclusive of delivery within the Philippines

I RUN FOR HEALTH & NUTRITION (PREMIUM (1,350): Closed Mesh Full-Sublimation Shirt with Fine Details and Stitch, Finisher’s Medal, e-Certificate, inclusive of delivery within the Philippines

BUNDLE PACK (1,650): I Run for Education Shirt + I Run for Health & Nutrition Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, e-Certificate, inclusive of delivery within the Philippines

Sign up at takbo.ph/vr/worldvisionrun2020.

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