Road to SCSM Half-Marathon, Week 4

With race week looming ahead, all the work has already been done. This week is about keeping the engine turning over, staying healthy, and getting everything I need together.

Last Saturday I did my final long run wearing the same outfit I plan to use for the race so I can address any potential issues, mostly about chafing and whether it’s sweat-wicking enough. So far I think my Kalenji tights and Domyos top will hold up to the challenge.

It’s always been my body’s way to ask me to slow down approximately two weeks before race day, so that’s what I’ve been doing since that long run. I’m getting back into some easy running tonight and more technique-specific work through the rest of the week. I’m also looking forward to a bit of drills with Coach Rio this Saturday.

Since the SCSM 21K is also my last race for 2019, I figure now is an opportune time to share the Spotify playlist I’ve been putting together since the start of the year. It has been a sort of soundtrack for my athletic comeback, and I’ve been enjoying running while listening to it. I do plan on using this during my half-marathon, which brings me full circle to when I ran my first 21K with music way back in 2010. Of course, that playlist is vastly different to what I listen to these days…

I’m internally debating whether or not to bring my GoPro along as I run the half-marathon. I like to run as light as I can, holding nothing in my hands — but it would also be nice to document the experience of doing the first night run in SCSM history. If I’m not running for a goal time, I may as well enjoy it and get a lot of pictures out of it, hey?

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