Kalenji Kiprun KD Light Running Shoes [REVIEW]

I promised myself I’d go back to review another pair of running shoes from Decathlon, especially since you can take most items out for free product testing for a week. So last week, I picked up the Kalenji Kiprun KD Light.

Most of the Kiprun shoes currently released have an emphasis on being lightweight, and the KD Light is no different. Weighing in at 215 grams in the size 5.5, it’s still one of the lightest running shoes I’ve tried this year (despite being heftier than the Kalenji Ultralight, the shoe I previously reviewed).

Kalenji also uses an EVA foam called Kalensole (guaranteed to hold up until 800 kilometers) in combination with its Up’Bar and Pebax system in the midsole to provide the mix of cushioning, support, and energy response I’ve been looking for. The heel-to-toe drop of 8 mm feels quite natural but still allows for good transition through the stride.

That sleek colorway is the superficial aspect of a wonderfully vented single-piece fabric upper, reshaped forefoot area, and an ankle and heel collar that’s built up only in the parts that need additional cushioning and grip.

Lastly, the outsole has a new geometry and rubber component to give the KD Light great traction even at high speeds on slick roads.

Check out my vlog review and scroll through the photo gallery below:

Personally I found it suited for days you really want to run fast, whether on track, road, or treadmill. I prefer a shoe that gives me ground feel so I know how much force to apply to toe off, and this shoe allows me to do that.

I would probably also use these in the run leg of a triathlon. When I run off the bike, my legs usually feel heavy and I want a shoe that doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around ankle weights. Because I rely more on foot turnover rather than stride length for speed, a shoe that allows me to pick my feet off the ground with less effort is key.

The Kalenji Kiprun KD Light is available at Decathlon stores for P4,500 in this women’s colorway of white/purple, and a men’s colorway of navy/orange.

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2 thoughts on “Kalenji Kiprun KD Light Running Shoes [REVIEW]

  1. I was waiting for your review since I saw this at newly opened Decathlon Masinag. Relatively cheap sonInwas wondering how it would perform on actual run. I didn’t know that Decathlon lends a pair for trial. Will inquire from them. Thanks!

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