TLC Fitness now open at Uptown BGC

TLC Fitness Opens at Uptown BGC

The first time I ever did CrossFit in 2011 was the last time I did it… at least until I got invited to the media event for TLC Fitness, the newest fitness center in the Uptown Bonifacio Global City area.

Why had I never returned to doing CrossFit? Well, aside from the fact that particular box had me doing pull-ups in the intro workout (leading to T-Rex arms the entire week after because I was so sore!), I didn’t yet understand the importance of functional training. And also I just never had the opportunity again, until now.

TLC stands for “The Love Club” because of founders Trever and Rachelle Que Love, who along with partner Ian Cang decided to open their center directly across Uptown Mall at the lower ground level of One Uptown Residence. TLC also stands more generally for “Tender Loving Care” which informs how they coach and interact with their members. Hinged on three tenets –– community, coaching and programming –– TLC Fitness wants to redefine what it means to chase your fitness goals.

Check out my vlog below:

My first impression of TLC Fitness is how the space itself doesn’t intimidate you. The lighting is bright and warm, the air doesn’t reek of sweat, the shower and change rooms are clean and smell good. And what seems to be a first among the fitness centers I’ve been to, they actually have a small play area where you can leave your children while you work out. It’s in line of sight from any point in the workout space, so you can watch your kids and still get your sweat on. (It will also help you model positive fitness behavior the kids can emulate!)

But what really impressed me is how they make an effort to remember your name, acknowledge when you’re doing well in a workout, and make suggestions so you can get better. It’s all in the interest of fostering that sense of community as well as great coaching which they believe is key to keeping you on track and coming back.

While there’s always a Workout Of the Day (WOD), its programming is designed for holistic growth to make you functionally fit — it’s not just for aesthetics! “We don’t just want you to be able to squat heavy or run fast or have bulging biceps and six-pack abs; we want you to be able to sit down and stand up with ease when you’re 70 years old. We want you to be able to carry your toddler without getting backaches or wrist aches. We want to see you running with your grandkids or finishing a marathon,” said Rachelle of their vision.

For this event, Old Navy supplied our fabulous outfits, SaladStop provided healthy post-workout food, and G Active took care of our hydration needs.

For P5,700, members can enjoy unlimited classes for one month. TLC Fitness is located on the Lower Ground Floor of One Uptown Residence, Uptown Bonifacio and is open from 6AM to 9PM on weekdays, 9AM to 2PM on Saturdays and Holidays. Discover more via

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