Road to Super League Tri, Week 1

As far as first weeks of training go, it was a pretty big one for me.

I initially was just planning to sign up for Super League Bali happening on March 23-24, 2019. This would involve an Enduro: a nonstop swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run (swim 250 meters, bike 10 kilometers, run 2.5 kilometers, repeat). So getting my bike built the other week was perfect timing to start training.

And then of course I let myself get talked into joining the team competition at Super League Singapore happening in three weeks’ time. I’m on a team with two other members of MX Endurance, the global triathlon and coaching community founded by Chris McCormack. This meant I would have to be able to swim at least 300 meters, bike 10 kilometers and run 2 kilometers in that span of time!

As someone who’s done almost zero swim and bike mileage in the past year, I was pretty scared my fitness wouldn’t be able to catch up. But it turns out being very consistent with my running and conditioning last year kept me in good enough base shape to handle last week’s sudden shock of training.

Monday: I rode my new bike for the first time at Sabak Alabang‘s indoor cycling studio and tackled a one-hour 45-minute power-based session on their Elite Direto interactive trainers. They have five trainers that you can link up to a computer and training software, so it’s perfect to do solo rides or simulated group rides. You can select programmed sessions or a real-world course, watch a movie while you’re training, or just listen to music while you try to hit power targets. The session I did was definitely efficient time-wise, and I was cooked by the end of it. I can’t wait to schedule my next ride. Join me?

Tuesday: I attended an event with Mega Tuna and participated in a conditioning workout led by pro volleyball player Melissa Gohing. After that, I went home and just ran around my condo complex for five kilometers, realizing that all my current shoes had never been used for triathlon. Eeek!

Wednesday: After the debacle of the previous week’s 500-meter main set making me want to take a nap afterwards, I thought going longer would be even worse. To my surprise, I could handle double the mileage with less rest. The human body is such a curious thing…


Thursday: I always go through microcycles of training and recovery within the week, and an at-home yoga session was perfect to release any training stress I had accumulated by then.

Friday: My dad’s birthday fell on this day and we enjoyed a nice lunch buffet. No training, ha!

Saturday: This was the moment of truth for my cycling fitness, because I hadn’t been outdoors on a bike for a very long time. Despite having attended some spinning classes and of course Monday’s trainer session, I had no idea if my leg strength would be enough to carry me up Nuvali’s rolling terrain. Happily, I rode well — although about two kilometers per hour slower than when I was at my peak! I also did a short transition run to remind myself what legs like bricks felt like. After this it took me nine hours of nighttime sleep to recover.

Sunday: Should have had a swim, but I took an extra day off just to make sure I was fully recovered from Saturday’s exertions. I really, really don’t want to get sick…

So that was Week 1 of the first block of training which will culminate in Super League Singapore. I’m treating that as a test race! Honestly, I think my long-distance minded peers would laugh at how seriously I’m taking things because of the short distances, but short distances can still be brutal. I saw Coach Ani’s proteges training quite hard on Saturday in Nuvali, and I know they’re entering Super League Singapore: Claire Adorna as a wildcard among the pro women, and a number of the young ones in the Under-19/Junior competition.

Today I’m off to simulate what swimming after a run feels like. Wish me (cramps-free) luck!

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

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