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Last year I had the opportunity to visit one of my dream cities for the very first time. Sydney had long been on my bucket list as a kid who grew up on a steady diet of Australian TV programming. However, that visit had come on the tail end of a very stressful project, and a lot of my memories of it were tinged with sentiments of feeling sorry for myself for having been worked to the bone without much in the way of appreciation.

This year I had the opportunity to go back on my own terms — and this time around, I had my vlogging camera with me. As I often do, I went by myself and thoroughly enjoyed my alone time. I wasn’t starved for company, though: I also booked a day tour for the Hunter Valley and met up for dinners with some friends living there.

Check out my travel diary below:

Because this wasn’t my first time in Sydney, I knew where I wanted to go. But I still managed to wander and see new things. It is an enormous city, and I limited myself mostly to the area around Sydney Harbour this time around.

Try to see if you can spot the Heath Ledger lookalike, the local Aussie wildlife I was able to see, and how much of the city center I was able to explore just by running and walking. (I ran part of the Sydney Olympics triathlon run route!)

I’m planning my next Australian visit for Melbourne in January for some Australian Open action. With their long-running city rivalry it’ll be fun to compare between the two. πŸ™‚

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