December Running Challenge, Week 1

December is usually a time for Christmas cheer, but it’s also when most runners let go of their running plans (and their waistlines). I don’t want to start the New Year desperately vowing to lose weight I gained over the holiday season, so I’m going to do my best to keep it off! So here’s my strategy in the Battle of the Holiday Bulge…

I really need to run more.

There, I said it. The reason I’m gaining weight, the reason I’ve slowed down, the reason I don’t have happy endorphins flowing through my veins is because I haven’t been running as much as I should.

Sure, I’ve been sick, been traveling, and a myriad other excuses. But let’s put all those aside. I really do need to exercise more and the best way to get me to do that is to put a pair of running shoes on my feet and kick my ass out the door to run.

While I’m no longer training for a specific event, it’s always good to set goals. When you achieve them, you get a sense of accomplishment that encourages you to keep going. So for the next four weeks, I’m putting myself through a running challenge. I’m once again using the Nike Run Club app’s handy running plan (Get Started) so I don’t have to think too much about when and what to run. I’m simply going to “Just Do It”!

I’ve got a new pair of shoes thanks to Nike and I’m not going to let them sit collecting dust in a corner — not when I took them for a spin and nailed a target 6-minute per kilometer pace over three kilometers. The Nike Zoom Fly is lightweight, supportive yet flexible, versatile (for training as well as racing), and most importantly super cute. It’ll be interesting to put these shoes through their paces, so watch out for my review after this four-week challenge is done.

Nike Air Zoom Fly

Nike Zoom Fly

Last week I was largely in a funk after smashing out a half-marathon on very little training. I was alternating between being really tired especially after flying home the same day as the race (whew!) and being really lazy. Finally I pulled myself together to run on Friday. It was a short treadmill run but it should help build good habits once again.

I also visited two University of the Philippines campuses. Diliman is where I first found my love of outdoor running, and Los Banos is where I marked my “return to endurance” a few months ago at the Trantados Fun Triathlon. The visits reminded me of where I started and what my body is capable of with proper training. Hanging out with my Endure teammates recalling the early days of camaraderie and making plans for our eighth (!!!) anniversary next year was a big help toward re-motivating me also! Check it out in my vlog below:

How about you — how are you keeping active throughout this holiday season? Check out the Nike Run Club app (available on App Store and Google Play) and see how you can keep running!

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