TRI-Factor Philippines on December 2

Looking for that last-hurrah triathlon before the brunt of the Christmas season descends on the country? Want to experience the thrill of the finish line without spending all day on the race course? Or maybe you’re searching for the thrill of being offroad?

You’ll find all those things at TRI-Factor Philippines happening on December 2, 2017 at La Luz Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

TRI-Factor Philippines offers three categories suitable for beginners and experienced triathletes alike.

On race morning, the Sprint category offers a spin on a commonly-raced short distance: after a 750-meter open-water swim and 20-kilometer bike ride, the 5-kilometer run will be along Laiya’s famed white sand coastline.

The Super Sprint category is even shorter, targeted at “Rookie Amateur Weekend Warriors” (R.A.W.), comprised of a 500-meter swim, 10-kilometer bike ride, and 2.5-kilometer beach run.

With an afternoon start, the EXTRI Challenge is for off-road enthusiasts, covering a one-kilometer swim, 22 kilometers of cross-country cycling, and four kilometers of trail running.

Despite being the newest triathlon event in the country, TRI-Factor Philippines has illustrious pedigree as part of Asia’s biggest triathlon series. Founded in 2009, TRI-Factor has helped grow the Singaporean triathlon scene with its mass participation events that help multisport beginners master swimming, cycling, and running. The short distances and secured courses provide a platform for beginners to progress and grow in the sport so that they can eventually race triathlons.

In 2017 TRI-Factor expanded into the regional market, announcing races in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and now the Philippines as part of their TRI-Factor Asian Championship series.

TRI-Factor’s entry into the local market is in partnership with eXtribe. Established in 2005, eXtribe has long distinguished itself with the eXtri Offroad Triathlon and Whiterock Triathlon, cherished events on the local triathlon calendar. Adding the off-road element is eXtribe’s signature contribution, which gives the TRI-Factor community a different race experience.

“The Philippines has one of the fastest-growing populations of triathletes, but there is a gap of regional races in the race calendar,” says Elvin Ting, Managing Director of Orange Room which owns the TRI-Factor brand. “We are building a community and culture of Asian athletes, and this race brings the Philippines into the fold.”

Regular registration rates are in effect until November 12, 2017. Super Sprint is priced at P2,500, Sprint at P3,000, and EXTRI Challenge at P3,500.

For more information and to register, visit and follow TRI-Factor Philippines on Facebook.

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