Fun in Taiwan

My second crazy week of travel happened in Taiwan with my childhood friend, Jenny. It was her last-minute idea to go because she had never been. It’s the funniest thing because since we booked everything through me, she thought the trip was for a week later!

Anyway, we made our early flight and made full use of our three days and two nights on that amazing island that holds up to repeated visits. I know I saw a lot of Taiwan during my visit in the summer with my mom, but there was a lot that we still hadn’t seen — and even more that I would love to go back for.

Jenny didn’t like the walking much, but I loved being able to get from place to place on foot or just a short train ride away. If it hadn’t been raining so much I would probably have wanted to walk everywhere! Wet and 17 degrees Celsius is very cold for this tropical girl, especially if I haven’t dressed for it.

When I shot this video I was still recovering from being sick after Hong Kong. But something about travel energizes me and I was able to get up on our last day and take a quick run through Taipei’s fascinating streets.

Check it out in my travel diary below:

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