Road to Angkor Wat, Week 2

It’s a little frustrating and embarrassing to report that I DNS’ed another run race last weekend. After being mega-determined to get that under my belt, suddenly on Saturday afternoon I felt the telltale signs of a cold descend on me: a congested nose and slightly sore throat. (There were a few people at home already sick, so I probably got it from them.) That, plus the sudden declaration of an ASEAN security dry-run in the area I would be driving through on my way home was enough to make me pull the plug. Live to fight another day, as they say.

So I’ve decided to use my kit for the Color Manila Glitter Run for this weekend, and hopefully I’m in a better physical space to take on my first 10K since April’s Star Wars Run SG.

Meanwhile, the rest of last week’s training was uneventful, although it was nice to do two back-to-back run sessions and really get some time on my feet.

My period didn’t start until midweek, and so that was when I toned it down somewhat with less high-impact activities like a core session, swimming, and cycling. There are some months I can run through the heaviest days, and other months I just feel like my insides will fall out. Navigating the endless cycle of hormones is as much soldiering on as it is just being understanding of your body.

This week is bound to be much nicer for training, though. *wink*

One thing I discovered for myself during the long months of not actively training is how much nicer my skin is without the twin effects of chlorine and sun exposure. That’s why returning to triathlon was challenging to my vanity — I didn’t want to lose the improvements I’d seen! However, I do feel like I’ve ticked off all my bucket list aspirations in the sport and I’m just doing it now because I love getting healthy and staying fit through swimming, cycling, and running. Does poor skin have to be the trade-off?

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 2

My mom tells me my skin is nicer these days.

For one thing, since most of my bike and run training is already done indoors, I don’t get much sun exposure. It’s not the darkening I’m afraid of (I loved being tan!), but the damage to the skin by UV rays, which results in premature aging through dryness and fine lines. I’m even more careful now about applying sunscreen every day and especially if I’m swimming in an outdoor pool.

The outdoor pool is my other concern. There’s no real way to shield my face from immersion in chlorine-saturated water. When swimming, sunscreen and its moisture barrier still washes off after a while.

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 2

Swimming freestyle means my face is underwater for almost the entire session except when breathing.

That’s why I’ve adopted a regimen that should stave off the worst of the damage. This is something that’s still a work-in-progress, but I’ve found what really works after a long swim session is:

  • Rinse off right away. I’ve found that the longer I go without showering after my swim, the drier my skin gets as a reaction to the chlorine.
  • Apply hydrating skincare products. I’m not talking just about a moisturizer, but everything that goes before it. My facial wash, toner, essence, and emulsion are all formulated to restore moisture. (I also have normal to dry complexion, so this works for me even on normal days.)
  • Sheet masks are awesome. I don’t have time during the day to use a hydrating sheet mask, so I usually use one at night before bedtime on days I swim. Tip: don’t leave them on longer than recommended because they’ll start absorbing rather than depositing moisture.

Skincare regimens can be either pocket-friendly or blow your budget if you’re not careful. I’ve been pretty savvy so far in my choices, and I love sales, bundles, and free samples! If they work, then I’ll repurchase or try to find a substitute.

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 2

This box bundle included skincare along with the makeup I really wanted. Score!

Let me know if you’d like a vlog about my skincare regimen! I haven’t done a vlog in a really long time and my podcast is also dead, but I’m willing to do a new one if anyone is interested. I’ll also be looking through my old blog archives to see if there’s stuff there that can be turned into a vlog.

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