September is Salad Month at SaladStop!

On days I have a heavy training load, nothing satisfies me like a big meal. But I have found that to keep my weight under control I need to keep the big meals scheduled around the big training sessions; other meals must be lighter.

What comes to mind when I think of light meals is a nice big salad full of leafy greens, lightly tossed with a tasty dressing. When I had my first salad at SaladStop! way back when High Street Central Square first opened, I was impressed at the serving size as well as variety of flavor and topping options. My big appetite as well as taste for variety was satisfied!

September is Salad Month at SaladStop! and they’ve just launched their Eat Wide Awake Movement campaign.

SaladStop Salad Month

Two new featured items are making their way onto the menu: the Ting Tong salad and wrap, and the Yeobo Yeobo warm grain bowl. The Ting Tong salad and wrap are now available, while the Yeobo Yeobo bowl will be available starting September 17. These two new flavor profiles are a welcome addition to the 10 signature salads and wraps at SaladStop! Of course, customers can also create their own salad and wrap from over 60 ingredients and 17 signature dressings.

(Writing about these salads is making me drool right now, just so you know.)

Salad Month at SaladStop!

Ting Tong: romaine lettuce, cajun shrimp, vermicelli, ripe mango, pomelo, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, shredded coconut, roasted peanuts and Thai Peanut Turmeric dressing.

Salad Month at SaladStop!

Yeobo Yeobo: baby spinach, quinoa, roasted chicken, eggs, sweet corn, alfalfa sprouts, edamame, Korean
Chili vinaigrette.

SaladStop Salad Month

SaladStop! also offers cold pressed juices and yummy muesli bowls

Aside from announcing new salad and wrap options, SaladStop! also launched their Eat Wide Awake movers: notable celebrities with a taste for a healthy lifestyle. The personalities are actress Coleen Garcia, host Raymond Gutierrez, host and marathon enthusiast Kim Atienza, volleyball player Michele Gumabao, and celebrity trainer Coach Arnold Aninion.

SaladStop Salad Month

SaladStop! Eat Wide Awake movers

I’m familiar with Kuya Kim’s eating habits and he definitely eats a lot of salad. I’m sure it’s the same way for all of these personalities who need to stay fit and healthy. It’s nice to see celebrity ambassadors who actually live the lifestyles they endorse.

Salad Month at SaladStop!

wanna bet the lovely Michele Gumabao got her height from eating veggies?

Mond Gutierrez said that the concept of “Eat Wide Awake” for him is knowing what he is putting in his body and making sure that it’s the best, most nourishing fuel he can get to power him through his busy schedule and lifestyle. It’s a great concept and we all could exercise more awareness about what we eat because this affects our quality of life.

Thinking back on what I’ve been eating the past few days, I definitely could use a salad today.

Follow SaladStop! Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know more about the Eat Wide Awake Movement, to join the free activities, and to work out with the Eat Wide Awake Movers this September.

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