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Despite what my social media may display, I don’t spend all my days in active wear and athletic shoes. I do like to dress up when the occasion calls for it, and I have my fair share of heeled shoes to go with the dresses and pantsuits. However, that usually means grinning and bearing it through pinched toes, callused balls of the feet, and a sore lower back.

With the entry of Vionic footwear into the Philippines, though, I’ve found comfortable and stylish shoe choices that are orthopedist-approved — they’re good for your feet! Vionic has built-in orthotics in its footwear and inserts that help maintain the natural alignment of our feet and ankles while standing and walking.

This FMT technology is a podiatrist-designed contour that promotes good alignment in your feet: deep heel cups to enhance stability, firm yet flexible midsoles that help the feet bend naturally, and arch supports that cradle and hug the foot. These help approximate walking on natural surfaces, like sand, grass, and soil (without the grit that goes between the toes, of course).

I attended the Vionic store launch at Uptown Mall back in February and received a pair of wedge sandals to experience Vionic’s science-backed style for myself. I have since brought these wedges on my travels, including my trip to Australia for Super League Triathlon. While I scurried about in flats during my work day, I liked to dress nicely for dinner and the wedges were a great match for resort-style clothing. And on my last night on Hamilton Island, I wore those wedges while dancing the night away — no foot ache or back pain the whole time!

Super League Hamilton Island
danced all night in my Vionic wedges

“I used to recommend orthotics to my patients who have plantar fasciitis,” said Dr. Roberto Lopez of the Philippine Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society. “But now I can recommend Vionic to those who have this problem.”

Registered physical therapist Dwight Guieb has also recommended Vionic to some of his patients. He said, “I have seen how Vionic helps improve the body’s alignment by merely aligning the feet in the correct position. If we achieve good alignment, we can eliminate most aches and pains in our feet and back, especially for those who stand or walk for a long time everyday.”

Check out the other Vionic shoe styles available:

Vionic Footwear
a classy brogue

Vionic Footwear
flipflops — excellent for post-run

Vionic Footwear
walking shoes

Vionic Footwear
Mary Jane-style walking shoes

Vionic Footwear
ladies’ boots

Vionic Footwear
inserts for your own shoes

Vionic is the only shoe brand I have encountered locally that offers a 30-Day Wear Test. You can test out your new shoes for 30 days and if you’re not happy, they will refund your purchase. At its price point, this is a great way to get people to pull the purchase trigger and become converts. I know I am.

Vionic has retail stores at Uptown Mall Bonifacio Global City and Ayala Malls The 30th. You can also shop online at For more information, like them on Facebook at Vionic Philippines and follow them on Instagram @vionicshoesph.

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