A Week in the Life #6

I’m truly happy my health seems to have taken a turn for the better. Isn’t that the point of trying to live a healthy active lifestyle: to improve quality of life?

Despite the radical number swings on my weighing scale, I have been consistently exercising and have avoided bingeing on junk food. Last week I even managed to coax my abs to peek out from behind the belly fat, which boosted my self-esteem even though I don’t walk around in cropped tops on a regular basis. I guess it’s true what they say: abs are made in the kitchen!

Week in the Life 6
Not a six-pack, but at least it ain’t a keg anymore

My Nike Training Club app also made me do another benchmark workout, since my six-week Lean Fit program is almost up. While the fitness gain hasn’t been as dramatic as that between the first and second benchmark workouts, this third benchmark still showed improvement — and I even tacked on a workout after the benchmark because hey, six minutes does not a workout make. Also, when doing rep-based workouts rather than time-based workouts, I’ve been able to finish in less time than allocated — leave it to the runner to race through a workout, ey? (Maybe my next project will be to get strong enough to do all my push-ups on my toes.) Even though I am hurting by the end of the workout, it’s a different kind of ache and it’s the kind my body can rebound from in a day.

Week in the Life 6
Even just working with body weight is a killer

I’ve looked back on the days I was full-on training for a 70.3 as well as teaching classes at the gym; while I was at my lightest and thinnest then, I knew it wasn’t sustainable. These days, what exercise I am doing is that which is sustainable for where I am in my life.

Week in the Life 6
Where I am is sitting in front of a laptop writing my heart out 🙂

However, I still couldn’t help wishing I was back in that shape as I guested on TV5’s Newsroom 5 Live show to talk about how to start running. You know what they say about the camera adding ten pounds, right?

Week in the Life 6
with host Renz Ongkiko

Week in the Life 6
demonstrating walking lunges as part of warming up

These days I am quite content being behind the scenes, so it’s taken friendship to get me back onscreen: one of my former producers from Alagang Kapatid (I was a fitness segment host back in 2012) asked if I were available to guest the very next day! Naturally, I brushed up on my running basics by re-reading some older blog entries.

In any case, I hope it was informative for those who are looking to get into running. Check it out below:

My NTC program has two running workouts queued this week, which makes me pretty excited. Nothing beats that feeling of racing through streets, the wind in my face and blood pumping in my veins.

I’m thankful to get back to this point, and hope I don’t get greedy again by doing too much, too soon.

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