BDJ Women’s Summit 2017 (Ticket Giveaway!)

Womens Summit
BDJ Women’s Summit

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at the Woman Up! pocket event held by Belle de Jour Power Planner. I felt really recharged and inspired seeing so many empowered women in one venue. I was so happy when BDJ invited me to attend their second Women’s Summit “Women Can. Women Will.” happening on March 25, 2017 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

The BDJ Women’s Summit aims to inspire and empower more women to become catalysts for change, and their list of invited speakers are heavy hitters in their respective fields. They will share their respective stories, advice, and insights on various topics and advocacies that will hopefully open hearts and eyes, broaden knowledge, and strengthen a can-do attitude with action-oriented goals.

Tickets are priced at P500 (but keep reading for a chance to go for FREE).

Proceeds of the event will go to Ahon Sa Hirap, Inc., an institution that provides microfinance and other services to female entrepreneurs who live in poor urban and rural areas.

Buy your tickets now, or keep reading to find out how you can go for FREE.

Check out who’s speaking!


(10:00 – 11:35) Unleashing the Power Within
w/ ABBYGALE ARENAS, Former Model and Professional Image Consultant
JODI STA MARIA, International Emmy Nominee, Actress
HIDILYN DIAZ, Olympic Silver Medalist, Professional Weightlifter

(11:40 – 1:50) Make it Big by Starting Small
w/ REBECCA BUSTAMANTE, Founder, Chalre Associates
PIA GLADYS PEREY, International Filipina Fashion Designer

(2:00 – 3:05) Be the Driving Force to Positive Change
w/ DANAH AND STACY GUTIERREZ, Editors-In- Chief, Plump Pinay
JAYMIE PIZARRO, Founder, The Bull Runner

(3:10 – 4:00) Keynote Speech: Women Can. Women Will
w/ VICE PRESIDENT LENI ROBREDO, Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines


Hidilyn Diaz! Jaymie Pizarro! VP Leni *emoji with heart eyes*

I’m super excited to attend, listen, and learn. And thanks to BDJ, I get to take 10 more women with me!

I am giving away 10 tickets to the Women’s Summit. Here’s what you need to do.

Giveaway Mechanics

  1. Follow me on Instagram – @kikayrunner
  2. Follow Belle de Jour on Instagram – @bdjbuzz
  3. Comment below to answer the question: “What is your biggest goal that you think you can and will do this year?”
  4. Contest is open to women residing in Metro Manila.
  5. Contest runs from March 3 to 8. Winners will be informed by email or private message.

This year my biggest goal is to prepare properly and race Challenge Vietnam. I have some unfinished business at that race and if you know me, you know that I won’t give up until I get a proper crack at it.

BDJ Women's Summit 2017 - What is your biggest goal that you think you can and will do this year?

About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

5 thoughts on “BDJ Women’s Summit 2017 (Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. My ultimate goal this year is to become fit. This may sound like a cliche, and I know everyone promises themselves that they’ll get fitter as their new year’s resolution; but for me, this year can never be one of those years I’ve neglected exercising. I know I can slowly achieve this “gasgas” goal since I finally was able to register myself on a gym, and started doing Muay Thai. I’m getting more serious now since I’m really investing on these MT sessions (the costs are no joke), and I don’t want these to come to waste. Also, it somewhat hurts my pride that other people are giving me advice on what to and not eat, when in fact I’m a registered Nutritionist-Dietitian myself. So yeah, this year I aim not just to be slim or sexy, but to be fit not just for a better physical appearance but for a healthier and stronger body.

  2. My biggest goal this year is to finally take heed of fitness and what I eat. I’m 31 years old and I have a lot of sicknesses. I always procrastinate and not worry about my health. I do some jogging and a bit of running but I never really finish or prioritize it. I get lazy and tend to relax last year I had problems with my kidney because of dietary issues. Whenever I pass by at BGC High Street and see the Nike peeps workout I feel a bit embarrassed or should I say shy to join them. It’s really a tough battle because I am a foodie and I blog about food I’m taking this journey as part of being better and it takes a lot of responsibility to work out and stay into it.

  3. My biggest goal this year is to try to keep a healthy lifestyle because I always say to myself I will start now to eat healthy and exercise but still I’m having a hard time doing this but now I will try my best because it’s good to have a healthy lifestyle especially now there are a lot of diseases so as early as now we try to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables,drink 8-12 glasses of water, have a plenty of sleep, avoid vices, fatty foods, sleepless nights and other things that might not help you to lose weight. So that I ‘ll start the year right w/ positive and good vibes

  4. My biggest goal this year is to enroll in law school. I wanted to be a lawyer ever since, but we don’t have much money. I finished schooling through scholarships. My thinking back then was that I don’t want to apply for scholarships when I enter law school because I know it’s hard what if I lose my scholarship. So I decided to work first. My plan is that I will save money, enter law school because I want to focus on law school only and stop working. But my salary is not enough so I wasn’t able to save enough. Now, it’s been 6 years already and some of my classmates in college were lawyers already. I have no enough savings until now but I am determined to enter law school now. I will have to juggle work and school once I enter, but it’s okay. I have to do this. In fact, I will take the PhilSAT (entrance exam for law schools implemented by the government recently) on April. And I have target universities already that is near my work. I also have looked for a place to rent near school and work so it will be easier for me. So I think this is my biggest goal and I think I can and I will do it this year. 🙂

  5. My biggest goal this year is to be a visionary and an influencer. As a person who loves planning (A LOT) and inspirational talks, I want to extend my heart to women who are battling insecurity, depression, and anxiety by empowering them using a goal-oriented mindset. If we can train our minds to outsmart ourselves to combat what’s holding us down, then I think we could share the art of discipline, wisdom and vision to those also in need. I started with a few of my friends and I think they’re doing pretty good. It warms my heart to see that the people around me are building one another.

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