Road to Vietnam, Week #2: Not All There

So first, the good news: my passport issues have been solved. But I’ve learned a big lesson, and that is Renew your passport a year in advance! At the very least you’ll save yourself a headache by always having a useable passport (one that has more than six months’ validity when you want to travel).

Road to Vietnam, Week 2
at least the bike Aki doesn’t need a passport or a visa to travel!

Now the bad news. After every big race I experience a huge dip in motivation, as well as a period of lethargy. I may be able to stay on the peak of fitness and race hard for a few weeks, but then my body crashes and burns and I’m taken out for weeks by illness. (This is what happened to me post-Challenge Philippines 2014.)

After the Phuket Marathon, I was able to return to exercising very quickly; I do enjoy getting my daily workouts in. But I’ve noticed my heart rate increase rapidly while I’m running. I’m uncomfortable even on what are supposed to be long easy runs. And my body wants to keep putting on the brakes; I can’t seem to go any faster.

It’s how I felt after my first Milo Marathon, when I practically stopped running and only started again when I noticed the weight gain. It’s exactly what I felt after Challenge Roth and the craziness of doing Ironman 70.3 Philippines two weeks later. I went to training camp in T*** and was just not myself especially on the run.

Regardless of how “recovered” I think I am after the marathon, my body reminds me the capacity for intensity hasn’t returned yet. My legs and lungs haven’t come back from their holiday, so to speak.

Road to Vietnam, Week 2
I like running. I just can’t seem to go any faster these days!

I’m also just being my impatient self expecting my body to be race-fit for a half-ironman now when I haven’t been doing the training geared for that sort of race. I have to remind myself I still have two months of training ahead of me.

One of these days, my legs are going to come good. I miss feeling like a “mamaw” (beast) at running and triathlon, but with consistency as well as listening to my body, I’ll rebuild my ability for Beast Mode again.

Road to Vietnam, Week 2

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