Stretches for Runners

Stretches for Runners [VIDEO]

I’ve written about post-run stretches for runners in the past, but when L!FE Yoga Center sent me their infographic 10 Yoga Poses to Make You a Better Runner, I decided to create a video version of the stretches I’ve been using lately to help me recover from all the training I’ve been doing.

Stretches for Runners

Stretches for Runners

I’ve incorporated the poses from the L!FE Yoga infographic as well as the eight great post-race stretches I wrote about back in 2012.

Runners tend to get tight in our hips, quadriceps, and hamstrings and so it’s usually these areas I pay attention to when I stretch. But we also need to take care of the build-up of tension in our spines.

These stretches are to be used after workouts to help maintain flexibility and mobility. There are standing as well as supine (lying down) versions of some stretches, so even if you don’t have a mat there’s no reason you can’t do a twist or hip stretch.

The stretches are:

  1. Chest and Back Stretch
  2. Quadricep Stretch
  3. Sugarcane in Half Moon (for hip flexors and hamstrings)
  4. Figure 4 (standing version, for glutes and hips)
  5. Lunge
  6. Pyramid
  7. Triangle
  8. Chair Twist (for spinal mobility)
  9. Downward and Upward Facing Dog
  10. Cowfaced Fold
  11. Seated Twist
  12. Seated Head-to-Knee
  13. Figure 4 (supine version)
  14. Fish (backbend, to open chest and shoulders)
  15. Supine Wide Angle (for adductors and hamstrings)

I usually incorporate these stretches into my cooldown for time efficiency, and they really feel good after a tough workout!

I also try to get myself to a yoga class or two every week for a good full-body conditioning workout. L!FE Yoga recommends their Ash-Asana or Feel Good yoga classes for runners. You can check out their schedule and book into a class here:

Looking for warm-up moves? Check out my warm-up moves for running.

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