Dispatch #7: Keep on Keeping On

I found myself feeling a little lost this past week. For the last two years this particular week has been occupied by the lead-up to Challenge Philippines. I had decided last year I wouldn’t be racing this early to give myself a longer adjustment period into racing season, but when the race was cancelled the hole in my calendar felt that much bigger and emptier.

Most of my training is done solo. I prefer it that way; I’m more likely to over-extend myself when training with someone else. I can achieve a more gradual progression that sticks when I’m able to work at my own pace, whether fast or slow.

Dispatch 7

Long solo runs how I like them, just me and the open road.

Still, I appreciate when I do have company. I love catching up with my tri friends and chatting about what we’ve got lined up. Even if we’ve got different abilities and reasons for engaging in the sport and most of triathlon is a solo endeavor, it is the wonderful community at training and races that I enjoy being around again and again.

Dispatch 7

Sometimes you’ve got to sit up and just enjoy.

Speaking of triathlons, I’m heading to Subic in two weeks’ time to cover the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay race for Witsup.com. Witsup is a triathlon news and resources website that focuses on women in triathlon. Even as triathlon doesn’t get coverage on mainstream sports news, coverage within the sport of the professional women’s race is even more dismal. In my own way I’m attempting to change that, and I’m looking forward to covering the professional women’s race on March 6.

This means I’ll also be around that weekend for the second edition of the Century Tuna Superbods Underpants Run.

Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic

The Superbods Underpants Run takes after the tradition of the Underpants Run held annually before the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Just like last year, this charity fun run open to all participants of the 70.3 aims to raise USD $2,000 to benefit the National Greening Program of the SBMA Ecology Center. This year, the 18 finalists of the Century Tuna Superbods contest will also join in the fun! There’s no entry fee; just show up in your best tidy whities at 9:30am on March 5 and run from the Subic Bay Yacht Club through the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. May the best-dressed pairs of runners (foreign and local) win. As for me? I’ll be lucky to make the abs peek out in time. πŸ˜›

Maybe the products I’m testing this week can help me out. It felt like Christmas last Thursday when two packages arrived at my doorstep. Beyond the Box and Digital Walker have brought Fitbit fitness trackers to the Philippines. I’m taking the Fitbit Charge HR for a spin: an advanced heart rate and activity-tracking wristband, the Fitbit ecosystem of wristband and mobile app allows you to keep track of how much exercise, sleep, and food you’re getting. Full review next week.

Fitbit Charge HR

the Fitbit Charge HR

My second package contained the latest in Amanzi Swimwear‘s High Summer collection. Amanzi is an Australian sports swimwear company best known for their chlorine-resistant swimwear beloved by competitive and active female swimmers. I’ve been looking to replace my three-year-old swimsuits, which are still useable but don’t fit as wellΒ as they used to.

Amanzi Swimwear

the Rio one-piece cozzie (Australian for “swim costume”)

I’m still far from being a lead pack swimmer in a triathlon, but lately I’ve started to enjoy swim training more. Using great swimwear and the right tools for drills has been key in that.

Even though I’m turning my full focus toward marathon training, I’m not cutting swimming and cycling out of my routine. Swimming is zero-impact cardio, which is great for recovery and getting a full-body workout without additional pounding from running.Cycling is great for building leg strength and I’ve heard that the last ten kilometers of an open marathon feels just like you’re running off the bike with heavy legs.

Dispatch 7

“Audition” for marathon outfit: Forever 21 F21 Active sports top, Nike Power Speed running tights

I’ve been looking at old photos of my early running days, and dear God I looked so skinny back then! But I know I’m a much stronger athlete now, and in long distance racing, strength is key in slowing down the least.

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