Triumph Launches Sports Bra Line

When I was in high school I used to wear my regular bras even during Physical Education. This was a job usually reserved for the rattiest, oldest of them because I couldn’t bear having my nice new ones get all sweaty. But this also meant I didn’t get great support as the bras would ride up whenever I raised my arms and would chafe when I bounced up and down.

I’m so happy that there are now sports bras for most women in most sizes. Now that lingerie companies like Triumph are getting in on the action once the sole domain of sportswear companies, we get more options for the kind of fit and support we want. Triumph has been making lingerie since 1886 and the company prides itself on how every stitch and curve of its undergarments fits a woman’s form.

Last Monday I attended Triumph’s launch of their sports bra line with brand ambassador Amy Ahomiro, UAAP volleyball MVP. Not only were we there to peep at the new line, but also to experience it personally by attending a BODYCOMBAT class at Fitness First Platinum Aura with fellow bloggers and fitness fanatics.

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

with former colleague Vanessa Agdon

I haven’t done BODYCOMBAT in a very long time but I know that it entails a lot of punching, kicking, jumping, bouncing, and lateral movement. A regular lingerie bra would definitely not hold up under that kind of stress.

To ensure proper fit, Triumph salespersons at their branches are trained to take your measurements and match you to the kind of sports bra that’s right for your needs. They have light impact bras for Pilates and yoga, medium impact bras for fitness classes, and high impact bras for intense sports activities like running and in Amy’s case, volleyball.

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

fitting for the Triumph Sports Bra

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

the different Triumph sports bra styles

Once we were all outfitted with our own Triumph sports bras, it was time for the BODYCOMBAT class. It was only a 30-minute session, but by the end of it we were sweaty, sore, but secure in our sports bras to do any sort of movement required.

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

the awesome BODYCOMBAT presenters from Fitness First

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

Amy Ahomiro showing why she’s the MVP. What a jump!

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

the new Triumph sports bras allow us to move freely

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

feeling super goofy

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro

unleashing my inner warrior

I have a friend who buys sports bras every chance she gets because she works out so often in a day. A sporty woman can never have too many sports bras. I’m glad that Triumph has joined the fray in providing quality undergarments for a woman’s active lifestyle.

You can find Triumph sports bras at major department stores or the Triumph Store at Robinsons Place Magnolia. You can also find Triumph International Philippines on Facebook and @triumph_ph on Instagram.

photos by Daniel Tan

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