Photo Run: Boracay

Despite my three years of absence, the island of Boracay still holds a certain charm just because of that long stretch of sand known simply as White Beach. This is where I spend all of the daylight hours whenever I’m in Boracay whether I’m just sunbathing and lazing on my beach towel, walking to get my fix of the famous Jonah’s milkshake or Real Coffee calamansi cake, or my latest love — stand-up paddleboarding.

Boracay White Beach run

This view is my therapy.

Every time I’m there, I have always attempted to run up and down Boracay’s western shoreline. I’m of the belief that you can discover more about a place when you explore it on foot.

I usually run in the early morning when the tide is low so I have more space to run. Slightly damp sand is also packed firm so it’s easier to run on. The whole stretch is approximately 4.5 kilometers combining White Beach (the main tourist beach) with Diniwid Beach on the north end of the island, which gives me a nice 9 kilometers round-trip.Β 

Boracay White Beach run

the footpath connecting Diniwid Beach to White Beach

Boracay White Beach run

the sea!

Boracay White Beach run

only wide enough for one person at a time

Boracay White Beach run

Boracay’s coral base beneath the sand

Boracay White Beach run

nice view of the sunrise over the island

Boracay White Beach run

climbing stairs toward Diniwid Beach

Boracay White Beach run

running down White Beach (Station 3)

Boracay White Beach run

the end of Station 3 on White Beach

Over the years I’ve seen parts of the shoreline eroded by the waves, then built back up again. I’ve seen the beach litter-strewn after hard parties, and I’ve seen the effect of beach clean-ups and stricter regulations have on restoring the pristine sand.

Running down Boracay’s beach was like reuniting with a friend I haven’t seen in years. Much has changed, but much has remained the same.

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  1. I like your post I just share it on facebook. I really idolize you in running I hope someday you can mentor and train me in running because I want to be like you someday

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