One Week to ASTC Asian Triathlon Cup Subic

Yesterday, I attended the press conference for the ASTC Asian Triathlon Cup Subic Bay (née Subic Bay International Triathlon) as a media partner for the event. This is one local race with so much history behind it and I’m happy that at 22 years running, it’s one of the oldest triathlons in the region!

SuBIT 2014

So it is with some disappointment that I realized there is no way I should race the Olympic distance I signed up for this year. And I was on a nice long streak too: I’ve been competing in this race since 2011. However, after a month-long bout with illness and low immune system, I haven’t been able to train, especially on the swim. I really do not want to resort to backstroke. Also, my doctors have warned me that should I attempt to compete I could be digging myself a deeper hole of illness to climb out of. Yikes!

But here’s what you can look forward to in this year’s Asian Triathlon Cup Subic Bay. The new swim venue, bike, and run courses will allow participants to obtain new personal records. Yes, folks, it is flat and fast (but still certainly hot, the trademark of every SuBIT).


Last year’s swim course at the container terminal is no longer available for use, as the shipping companies have complained about the necessary road closures. It’s a shame because that was a really nice clean swim. However, the Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP) have found a new swim venue at Malawaan, along Argonaut Highway.

It’s a fishing area with rocky banks and deep water, so it’s going to be a pontoon start (much like last year). Sprint participants will go around the course once, while Olympic participants will need to climb back onto the pontoon and jump off to go around the course twice. It’s very ITU-style…


Due to the new swim venue, there’s a new Transition 1 just along Argonaut. Participants will ride going past the airport and Sands of Triboa all the way to Hanjin Pier, then turn around. They will then ride going toward the commercial center. Sprint participants will proceed one loop and return to Malawaan for Transition 2.

Olympic participants will take a U-turn to do the course twice before heading to the Transition 2 at Harbor Point Mall.

If you’re familiar with Subic you know this is relatively flat with lots of potential to push big gears and go fast. However, Argonaut Highway can be blustery and offer headwinds and crosswinds.


For Sprint participants the run is along Argonaut Highway toward Puregold and will finish on Argonaut Highway.

For Olympic it’s also an all-new run route still going around the boardwalk area, but this time they’ve created a 5-kilometer loop, so Olympic participants will do the loop twice before running into the finishline at Harbor Point Mall.

Just describing this course is making me salivate — and then I have to remind myself I’m not doing the race. I want to cry!

Although I’m not racing, I will be there to spectate, take photos, and cheer as loudly as I can. Best mechanical luck to all participants. See you next week at the ASTC Asian Triathlon Cup Subic Bay!

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2 thoughts on “One Week to ASTC Asian Triathlon Cup Subic

  1. Always like the challenge of a new course, but this one looks really painful on the run. We have lost the shade! Not sure about the swim condition either, though calm waters are almost a sure thing at that location — just don’t like the location near the riverine outlet nearby. In any case, this is definitely a “new” course. Best of luck with your recovery and progression to the big races later this year!

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