Kikay Reviews: Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

Today I took to the pool not only for a great speed workout — Challenge Philippines IS only 11 weeks away — but also to test the Speedo Aquapulse Goggles that were sent to me by Speedo Philippines.

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

I’ve got probably about five or six sets of goggles at home (and only one pair of eyes! LOL), but I have my favorites and I am finicky when it comes to what I use for serious training. I have a love/hate relationship with swimming, so when I want to get training done, I need to have my equipment not fail on me or else I bail on the session.

Out of the box, the goggles come with a soft mesh bag to hold them in, which I love because it makes it so much easier to air-dry goggles. Some people prefer hard cases to keep goggles from getting scratched up. I usually keep my goggles inside a swim cap when I pack for swimming, and that gets the job done just as well.

These goggles also come with different nose bridges to allow for the differences in how wide or narrow your eyes are set.

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

tinted for outdoor daytime use

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

for adjusting straps

One thing I noticed when I put it on is that the lenses are quite wide-profile. In terms of other goggles I’ve reviewed here, it feels like the Zoggs Predator in size. Field of vision is almost 180 degrees, and even if the goggles were tinted, they weren’t too dark. I just didn’t have to squint during my noon swim to filter out the harsh sunlight.

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

The double straps make these goggles very adjustable, so my eyes didn’t feel like they were being squeezed even if I had a huge topknot under my swim cap that normally stretches straps to their limit.

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

highly-adjustable straps (the second one is under the bulge of my topknot)

Once I had them on, I began the session in earnest. After my first 100 meters, though, the goggles had fogged on the inside. I usually avoid getting the inside surface of goggles wet so any anti-fog treatment won’t wash away, but a quick swish in the pool water and they were clear again — and didn’t fog up through the remainder of my swim.

Through my leisurely warm-up into the lung-busting intervals all the way to my medley cool-down, the goggles stayed put, were comfortable, and didn’t distract from the business at hand.

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

Pardon the Zoolander expression πŸ™‚

The Speedo Aquapulse goggles should be great for open-water swimming. They would definitely work great in a mass swim start: their increased gasket area means that even when kicked there’s less chance they’ll come off, the wide field of vision makes sighting a breeze, and the tint is just enough to keep glare out of your eyes without you losing sight of any feet in front of you to draft off.

The only thing I am worried about with these goggles is the amount of white surface on the goggle and the straps. Anyone who has swum constantly in a chlorinated pool knows that white becomes yellow after some time, so even if the lenses themselves are still good, I’m scared that in a few months’ time the white stuff will become so discolored I’ll be ashamed of sporting the goggles at the pool. (In short, if you plan to get these goggles, pick a different color.)

I still haven’t found any pair of goggles that won’t leave the trademark marks around the eyes after a swim, though.

Speedo Aquapulse Goggles

Speedo Aquapulse goggles are available at all Speedo Philippines concept stores (see store locator here).

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