Podcast #3: Training Tips, Interview w/ Filipino Kona Finisher

This is episode #3 of the Kikay Runner on the Go podcast. So many people now want to get serious with training, whether it’s for the early-season races next year or for a really big bucket-list race (maybe Kona?!).

How do you find time? How do you stay motivated? I have some tips for you, as well as a great interview with one of the Filipinos who finished the 2014 Ironman World Championships as his first ever iron distance! I hope this episode inspires and motivates you in this last quarter of the year.

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Gadric Chusenfu at the Ironman World Championships 2014

interview with Filipino Kona Finisher, Gadric Chusenfu

Show Notes:

How to find time for training: Finding the time to train, whether you’re a very busy person or someone coming back from hiatus, is about creating good habits and celebrating each step forward so you become more motivated to continue. Here are a few tips to help you get started training again.

New training playlist on Spotify: Use music as a motivator to get through some of your tougher training sessions.

I talk a bit about the Mizuno Wave Hitogami and what situations I will be using those shoes in.

Bataan International Triathlon: this is my last triathlon for 2014 and should be a fun way to end the year as well as start my preparation for Challenge Philippines.

Interview with Gadric Chusenfu: How he got his spot in Kona, how he trained, what race week was like. “I think it’s advisable for a triathlete to experience the pain and the joy of the ironman distance.”

And I announce the winner of the Spring Cleaning Swag Contest! View the draw protocol here.

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