Raw Elements Eco Formula and Eco Tint Sunscreen

I believe I’m solar-powered to some extent; I get up with the sunrise — I’m a morning person and can’t sleep in! — and don’t really have issues training in the heat. I also love getting a tan, which is why this outdoor lifestyle I lead is such a good fit for me.

Unfortunately, sun exposure wreaks havoc due to ultraviolet radiation. Effects include skin cancer, cataracts, suppression of the immune system, and premature aging of the skin. (cue horrified scream) This is why I never go out under the sun without sunscreen. Of course you then hear stories about how awful and not eco-safe the chemicals in most sunscreens are. In particular, there are four chemicals found in most sunscreens that were shown to cause damage to coral reefs: oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate, and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (check out the study here). Not only do I swim in the ocean for triathlons and training, but after every workout I bathe, and bathwater eventually drains into the ocean.

There are effective sunscreens without these ingredients, though. I pick water-resistant sunscreens with zinc oxide as the active ingredient because this mineral does not get absorbed by the body, and when it washes off it doesn’t react with the environment.

Right before my trip to Cebu, Rebecca from Cutieverse sent me a good-luck care package containing samples of Raw Elements Eco Formula and Raw Elements Eco Tint.

“Wishing you best of luck in Cebu Ironman 70.3”

The great thing about raw-ingredient products (like this Hurraw! lip balm I reviewed previously) is they are less processed. Raw Elements products are also made with USDA certified organic ingredients. Since sunscreen goes directly onto skin, the body’s largest organ, I’d want the least amount of artificial or harmful chemicals in it.

Raw Elements Eco Formula goes on white, but spreads well on skin until it blends out. I used it on the Friday test ride, which was quite hot and sweaty. I loved that even when sweat dripped from my forehead, the sunscreen didn’t come off with it and sting my eyes. It’s also not sticky, so after my ride I was comfortable enough to attend the Meet the Pros conference.

Raw Elements Eco Tint is a tinted sunscreen in stick form. I used it on my face when I marshalled the IronKids triathlon. The color blended well with my tan and brightened my complexion so I looked well-rested and fresh. It’s great to wear under makeup as a replacement for foundation base.

If you live an active lifestyle and have a passion for saving the environment, these Raw Elements products are something you should look into.

Raw Elements Eco Formula and Eco Tint Sunscreen are available online at Cutieverse.com.

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