Kikay’s Kickstarter Contest

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for: Tatt Awards, my 30th birthday, and my Facebook Page recently reaching 4,000 Likes. This contest is my way of paying it forward to any person who wants to get a kickstart in their running and active lifestyle!

Check out what’s up for grabs:

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Kickstarter contest prizes

  • Gold’s Gym Resistance Tube Kit: Run fitness is not just about endurance or speed. These resistance bands are great for building run-specific strength, as well as cross-training.
  • Biggest Loser Pedometer: How active are we, really? According to pedometer researcher Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke, logging 10,000 steps daily — roughly 8 kilometers — classifies a person as “active” (source: A sedentary person who sits around most of the day would log 5,000 steps or less. A pedometer helps one determine their baseline level of physical activity on a normal day. Sometimes it’s shocking how little walking we really do outside of our run workouts, especially if we’re tied to office chairs all day.
  • Plana Forma water bottle: We need to hydrate well even if we’re not exercising at the moment, and this is especially important in our tropical climate. Keeping a water bottle handy reminds us to drink more, and this stylish stainless steel bottle is a handy size to put in a shoulder bag or beside your laptop as you work.

These prizes will go to the person who writes the best answer to the question: Why do you and I need to exercise? Leave your comment with your answer below. Contest ends on Monday next week and I will select winners by then. Prizes will be sent by courier Contest is valid only for Metro Manila residents.

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About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in wellness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

22 thoughts on “Kikay’s Kickstarter Contest

  1. after being a mom..i was busy with parenthood and being a wife at a same time to a point i forgot about having a “me” time..until my husband who is a sport enthusiast also…encouraged me not to stop my self from being fit even if im a mom now… i must admit it was very hard to bring back my pre pregnancy figure but it was all easy until my husband was by my side everytime i do workouts (boxing and runnig) he truly inspired me to do thing i know i wasnt able to do before and running with him made it all easy. and from that, we always do our workout together… and now its just a “me” time for me but our time as a couple and our simple way to go on a date 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Noelle!

    We need to exercise to look good and feel good. Having an active lifestyle is fun rather than staying at your home doing nothing. I’m a 20 year old college student, my friends frequently ask ” Bakit laging ka tumatakbo?, Anong nakukuha mo dyan? ” I tell them, I’m happy with what I’m doing. One time sumama sila sa akin sa Run United, and they had fun! Being fit is fun, but it is more fun when you can be a inspiration kahit in a little way to your peers.

  3. Because exercise is like having a relationship with someone you love and it gives back to you exactly what you put into it, exercise and all its benefit can’t leave you unless you dump it first , you can’t get overwhelmed by it unless you overwhelm it yourself ( overtraining) and if you approach it with honest effort, ( don’t use momentum just so you can lift that barbell!) it gives back honest results. You can even cheat with an occasional pizza and Reese’s peanut buttercups and it will still forgive you, and it’s an unlimited source of confidence and fulfillment!

  4. We often take our body for granted. We use our body in order to fulfill our everyday tasks but we rarely take the time to actually do what’s good for it. What we fail to realize is that OUR BODY IS OUR GREATEST INVESTMENT. We should also be devoted in taking care of it because without it, we are nothing. So how do we do it? By eating the right kind and amount of foods and of course, WORKING IT OUT!

    Although living an active lifestyle is hard, it is worth it. Of course, lying in our soft bed and snuggling our favorite pillows will always be more comfy than wearing our training shoes but we should always think of what’s going to benefit us in the long run. So instead of worrying about those sweats and sores after workouts, focus on creating the better, stronger you! Exercising will make us look good on the outside and will make us feel good inside. 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi! I exercise because i love how it makes me feel relaxed and at peace with my own body. When i was a pma cadet, i run bcause it is a duty for us to run. Whether i like it or not, i have to run because if dont, i might fail our regular fitness test. But now that i am off the academy, i discovered that exercising doesnt have to be stressful and irritating (imagine how youd force yourselfnto wake up early or run even if you have a handful of more important thigs to do). I now enjoy working out (usually running) because i love how i can listen to my body. I run at my own pace and at my own convenient time. I also do swimming, pilates and zumba at the sides because it helps in improving my running performance. Comparing my performance before to today, i can say that i have improved a lot. Fitness is something that we should be individually responsible of. We can it buy it. We do not get it just by sitting all day long. We attain it through exercise and of course, proper diet. Running is not the only exercise for running. Cross training helps a lot too. I love how exercising has challenged me to be a better runner and a better person.

  6. To become fit and be active in your life. I remember noong ndi pa ako tumatakbo at sumasali sa mga fun runs, nkakakita ako ng mga runners na dedicated nsa isip ko “Pinapagod nyo lng ung sarili nyo” “Ano bang npapala nila dyan kakatakbo?”, mejo iba ang mind set ko noon. Dumating ung time na naging obese na ako and then nung nsa work ako tinamaan ako ng hypertension. Mejo kinabahan na ako that time and I’ve decided to work out, nagregister ako sa gym na malapit sa work ko. My supervisor invited me to join a fun run “Earth Run 2012”, that was my first fun run and we’ve joined 10k category. Late pa nga kmi that time but we still conquer the 10k route, after nung experience na un I pledge to myself “I will be a runner”. Na-enjoy ko ang running specially nung nkapag half marathon na ako..Fulfillment and proud ako sa sarili ko, now I’m aiming for my first full marathon and I need to have my training plans for that. Hit it hard 🙂

  7. by exercising we get to know more about ourselves. In exercise we find our inner peace wherein the mind connects with the body, It also tells the mind and the body what it needs in order to function well plus were telling our body that it can do more than we expect. By living an active lifestyle you’re extending your life for the benefit of not only yourself but also your loved ones, It makes you cooler than anybody else that doesn’t exercise because you’re becoming more fit thus increasing your endurance and strength in all your activities in short, you’ll be the “push” that everybody around you needs so that they too may lead a healthy lifestyle. instead of having a motto of “If you can’t perform, look Japorms” you’ll have a motto of “wala yan sa pana, nasa indian yan” it means that no matter what you have in hand it’ll always make-do because you have built a strong foundation instead of you look good nga in all of the gears but you can’t perform because of lack of exercise thus waley all over :]

  8. Why do i need to exercise? Just last Saturday while biking around Quezon City i was thinking of this question and came up with good reasons why i exercise. I exercise because i love sweating, I think this is because i was a former volleyball player during my elementary and high school years. Exercise is synonymous to the concept of “play” for children. 🙂 I don’t run, bike, do Yoga, pilates and body weight training, and eat healthy to get “that bod” I exercise because I want to prevent future health problems since I come from a family with medical histories of hypertension and diabetes. An ounce of prevention is better than cure. I am a 22 year old student who cares for my health, a girl who enjoys moving and playing around, a girl who wants to protect herself from hypertension and diabetes.

    I exercise to explore and develop my capabilities. I am an athlete. It is not the goal of an athlete to be slimmer, the goal of an athlete is to be stronger each day.

  9. You and I need to exercise because of the following reasons: Exercise controls weight, it improves mood, it boosts our energy, the bottom line is that, exercise and physical activity can be a fun way to spend some time. It gives you a chance to unwind, enjoy the outdoors or simply engage in activities that make you happy. Physical activity can also help you connect with family or friends in a fun social setting.

  10. You and I need to exercise so we can be fit and healthy. Its a commitment to preserve our bodies and to help prevent sickness. It may be a challenge to stick with a “game plan” but trust me, it will all be worth it. I have seen a lot of relatives who grew old with a lot of illness because when they were younger they took advantage of their health by not doing any exercises. Of course, you should also keep a healthy diet to feel the maximum impact. It doesn’t end there because when you exercise, your skin glows, your mind’s stress-free, you can sleep well, and above all, you release endorphin which is the best, cheapest and safest drug.

  11. Change your motives, and your life will change!” – a friend once told me.

    Our reasons why we exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. These motives, often personal, become the very drive of our commitment to exercise regularly. Aside from health reasons, it is important for us to exercise because it is a form of meditation in which we get to examine ourselves. Our thoughts. Our motives in life.

    With a clearer understanding of ourselves, we feel more secure with our self-image and our interaction with others. All our reasons for exercising regularly boils down to that enlightenment of being better than what we used to be.

  12. There’s a lot of reasons why you and I need to exercise. Exercise builds strength, improves our heart health and coordination. it builds stamina, boosts brain power, gives us energy, makes us happier, improves our mood, improves our speed, helps us maintain our weight, it helps ward off diseases, and the list goes on. RPersonally, I exercise to unwind, it helps me relieve myself from everyday stresses. Exercising keeps me sane. They say we can’t run away from our problems, I disagree, I believe we can run away from our problems, running helps me temporarily free myself from problems; it helps me think clearer. When I exercise I believe I can conquer anything because Im stronger, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Exercising keeps us sane and it not only melts fats but it also melts away the anxiety and the worries.

  13. we need to exercise for our family. we owe it to them to take care of our body and be with them for as long as we could.

  14. You and I need to exercise to control weight, reduce stress and keep high blood pressure at bay. Tip ko lang: choose a sport or workout that you enjoy. Ang sarap kaya ng feeling kapag pinagpapawisan ka! Di ba? Enjoy na, healthy pa! 🙂

  15. I exercise for my sanity.

    There are days that everything is just a buzz. Exercising gives me time to focus on one thing and that is myself. I just let my mind go blank and focus on my strides, my repetitions, my pace. It’s like connecting with yourself.

    Inner peace.

  16. 4 years ago i was a lazy chubby kind of person, until someone introduce me to running, na hook agad ako, i felt great everytime im running,para ngang naaddict na ko 🙂 as of now i’ve done 3 marathons dozens of half marathon and countless short distances fun run.Since then my way of life has change. We need to exercise to live a Happy And Healthy Life , aside from the fact that it will help make our lifes longer.It will also make our life worth living for 🙂

  17. Why do you and I need to exercise?

    “I exercise to live a longer life”!

    Its nice to see a runner who runs every morning on the street. It make me feels envy when I’m seeing person with a fitter body. My question to my mind is “Can I do exercise”?

    My family has inherited diabetes, and the reason why I exercise because I knew, I saw and I leaned the effect of these disease from the body. I want to grow old that’s why I step up the plate and do more activities more often. I exercise by starting to jog every other morning. Doing these activity will help me to loose weight effectively in a short period of time. Now I can say that because of exercise, It increased my metabolism. After a hard workout, I feel the strength and power to my body. I had developed agility and improves my reflexes on my muscles!

    And as a beginner on the world of running, It helps me to improve my sports performance. I had my first 5k at 32mins. Adding to the benefit of exercise is self image. It improved not only my physical image, but also the confidence is within my self now. Its more than an exercise, Its my lifestyle!

  18. Belated happy birthday ms. Kikayrunner =)
    You and I should exercise, it helps in the prevention and management of health condition such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, Exercise also improves our mood, lifts our spirits and make us feel better about ourselves. When we Exercise body produces endorphins which are chemicals that reduce the perception of pain, improves immunity, and helps our body to relax, lessen body tension. ( many people suffers bcos of our generation now- stressful environment)
    Exercising releases a powerful natural mood boosters that enhances the feeling of optimism and satisfaction. Exercise provides distraction from worries, it gives huge opportunity to socialize, strengthen bond with active people, and you will feel happier.
    Having a happy life – having a happy world =)

  19. We need to exercise to keep our bodies happy and healthy.Exercising gives us a break from monotony such as sitting on the couch watching tv. This monotony weakens us physically and mentally, same old show, same old commercials, same old self, nothing new comes from monotony. Exercising keeps our bodies and minds alert, it gives us diversity from everyday routine because every run is different, every workout is different; and at the end of each run or workout, we, too, are different. It’s either we use it or lose it, we should use our bodies to improve our skills or just leave it to enfeeble us. Exercising is very beneficial in all aspects of life; some need it to lose weight, some need it to release stress, some need it to feel good about themselves, to boost their confidence but some do not just need it, they want and love doing it.

  20. We need to exercise to be healthy, because health is wealth 🙂
    Happy Birthday and Congrats on your 4k likes, more to come!

  21. Because we want to be H.E.A.L.T.H.Y.

    H ave lots of friends (exercise buddies).

    E ndorphins- not only by chocolates but also by running (runner’s high).

    A chive an ideal weight and figure.

    L oosen the grip of fear by achieving milesontes (your first 3k or 21k).

    T o instill discipline in our lives (waking up early/following an exercise program).

    H elps manage stress.

    Y outh – Looking and feeling younger than your age.

    Happy 30th. God Bless 🙂

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