Ask Kikay Runner: How Can a Student Get Fit?

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Jenah Ong writes:

Hi, Kikay Runner! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am only a 19-year-old college student but I am already trying to live a healthy life as early as now. As what they say, everything you do now will affect you in the future so why load yourself with junk
and sleep on the couch all day right? I want to do good, to feel good about my body. However, I am encountering some problems.

I don’t have weight problems. I am not a lazy gal to do workouts because in fact, I LOVE MOVING. But my main problem is, RESOURCES. How can I workout when I lack resources?

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Jenah continues:

I’ve tried running. I am a member of a dance club and we start our training with jogging around the UP acad oval. Afterwards, we proceed to arms, legs, and core conditioning. Last is our dance training which lasts for an hour or two.

But this semester, I am on a break from the club because I want to train my body on my own. I want to go back to running, but I can’t. First, I find it hard to do not because I am lazy because I don’t have
somewhere to run in. I study in UP, so it’s best to assume that I can run in the acad oval right? But I don’t have anywhere to put my things. I don’t have a locker. And I don’t have a car. Where will I put my

That’s why I am thinking of going to the gym. There’s Gold’s Gym in Katipunan so it will not be hard to go to. It’s near UP. But the question is, will it be worth it? Is signing up for a gym membership worth it knowing that I will just focus on one equipment which is the treadmill?

Also, can you give me some tips on the best brands for running shoes? What can you suggest for a newbie like me? I just also found out that I need “high stability shoes” because I tend to “overpronate”.

Thanks in advance! I know this is sort of “mababaw” for someone like you but I really really want to know the right thing to do. πŸ™ Advice from a pro will be so helpful.

Hi Jenah! First of all I want to commend you for adopting an active lifestyle while you’re young. Many people realize the importance of keeping fit only later on, when they’re older and already have health problems. As doctors say, prevention is better than the cure.

Back in college (I’m from UP too!) I wasn’t the fittest person in my batch, but I was the fastest walker, heehee. I walked everywhere because the Ikot and Toki jeepneys took too long to travel between buildings when I had to get from class to class. That’s already a good foundation for fitness.

I recall renting a locker from my college student council, which is where I stored stuff like my P.E. bag. You should be able to rent a locker at the beginning of every semester. Are you a member of a school organization with a tambayan? You can also leave your things with your orgmates while you go off for a 30- to 45-minute run. Lastly, I know some people who made friends with sari-sari store owners, and they were able to leave their things there.

If you plan on getting a gym membership, you can maximize this by not just using the treadmill, but also cross-training with weights. (Also, having a place to take a shower after your workout is great!) You become a better runner and decrease chances of injury when you strengthen your core and train your other leg muscles. If you can recall your arms, legs, and core conditioning exercises from your dance training, these are also applicable to running.

As for the best running shoe brand, I answered this in a previous Ask Kikay Runner. I said it’s not about the shoe brand; it’s about what kind of shoe is right for your present needs. And present budget, of course! While some brands may have flashy designs which definitely appeal to the youth, you have to think about how healthy your feet will be in them. Running shoes have to fit well so that you can perform well. My advice for you here is to go to a specialty running shoe store, like Secondwind (there’s a branch in Teacher’s Village). You’ll have a wide range of choices.

Thanks for sending in your questions, Jenah. I may not be a pro, but I’m always happy to help out. My goal is to encourage people to live healthy and active lifestyles. You’re already well on your way. Keep going!

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