Join the Zombie Horde at Outbreak BGC 2

Do you want to be a zombie? BUT WHYYYYYY *shudders*

Ten lucky individuals will be picked to join the zombie horde this coming Outbreak BGC 2 by joining my contest! Here are the mechanics:

Outbreak BGC zombie contest

  1. Like the Outbreak Manila Facebook page.
  2. Copy the link of this blog post (
  3. Paste it as your status on Facebook with a brief explanation of why you think you will be an awesome zombie.
  4. Tag the Outbreak Manila Facebook page in your status (@outbreak manila).
  5. Paste your explanation in the comments section below.
  6. The 10 most creative answers will be selected to join the horde!

It’s your time to shine– er, I mean, moan, groan, and stumble after your hapless victims. Ready? Go!

UPDATE 04/10/2013: contest period is over! Please stand by as the organizers email the contest winners.

About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

25 thoughts on “Join the Zombie Horde at Outbreak BGC 2

  1. I wanna be part of the horde this coming Outbreak Manila cause it would be nice for a runner turned zombie cause he was bit at the last outbreak he joined plus it’ll be more fun being the hunter rather than the prey >:]

  2. I wanna be part of the horde for…. MEEEHh …. LIKEEEEhhh…. BRRAAIIIINNSSSZZ…..and I belive BRRAAAIINNSSSZZ…. ISS GGGOOOODDD… DDIIEETT …..HEzhezhez….. that is all

  3. ’cause my eye bags are big enough to make me look like a zombie. :)) plus, I think it’s more fun to hunt than to be hunted. 😀

  4. I will be an awesome zombie this Outbreak because you don’t have to put so much effort on me because it just comes naturally. Boom! :))

  5. I think I would make an awesome zombie because I love the thrill of chasing someone. Being part of the horde will give me a chance to be a hunter instead of being part of the hunted. I will be a lightning fast cunning killer that loves the thrill of the chase and definitely shows no mercy. Problem though, where am I gonna stash the hundreds of flags that I’m going to take?

  6. I am a runner in all of the 3 previous outbreak (nuvali, bgc and ek). but recently I injured my ACL in my right knee. I cannot outrun the zombies this time but I can still walk. That is why I want to be a zombie walker. I’m going to be a zombie anyway 😛

  7. I think I would be an awesome Zombie because who wouldnt be scared of a pregnant zombie?? Everyone will probably just hand me their flags rather than fight with a preggy zombie (of course ill be safe, and i have an active lifestyle, so theres no problem) which will give me an advantage!!! Bwahahah Outbreak Manila Please let me be a zombie???? 🙂 Ill sign all the waivers and have a written consent from my OB. Please pleaaase??? 🙂

  8. Why am I going to be an awesome zombie?
    1. I rarely sleep (the essence of being a living zombie)
    2. I have a huge appetite (count brains for that)
    3. I look like one (minimal prosthetics required)
    4. I’m already awesome (add zombie to complete title)
    5. If you don’t pick me, I will eat your brains! (and that’s a threat)

  9. it would be dramatic:
    outbreak manila – we ran in a group
    outbreak bgc 1 – i got separated and ran alone
    outbreak EK – i went missing
    outbreak bgc 2 – i come back as one of the horde

  10. I like to scare the hell out the contestant and at the same time give a workout to chase and seek the flag

  11. Because It’s part of my Bucket List to become one before one eats me out! and, oh! because I will eat yer Balls to bits & pieces!!!

  12. I was born to be a zombie…i dream of being one each day…..i was one in my past life….nothing fuels me more than smelling fear from human flesh and blood….and scaring the &*^% from human runners …. chasing human runners and hearing them scream is my adrenalin

  13. 1. I prefer limping more than running for my life
    2. I think brains are a yummy addition to lugaw… wait, flags pala yun
    3. I’ve been on the “wee hours in the morning shift” (basically 24/7 shift) caring for my daughter who seems to be on heavy duty Energizer batteries, so I don’t think Zombie make up would be a problem
    4. After hours of brain storming for a good reason on why I’d make a good zombie, I ran out of brain cells so I wouldn’t be tasty if I have to be part of the menu in Outbreak Manila

  14. I’d be an awesome zombie coz you don’t need to put much effort to make me look one. And to be part of the horde will be an exciting experience for a former runner like me. With a recuperating knee injury, I’ll be in character the whole time. Braiiinnnnnnnnssss!

  15. My 3 and half y/o son and I are big fans of zombie series. My son even prefers watching them over cartoons ( Don’t worry i cover his eyes when their brains are being blown off). Help me earn “cool dad” points by making me part of the horde this coming outbreak run. I can just imagine the excitement in my son’s face when he sees me walking as a brain eating zombie. =)

  16. I would not only be an awesome one, but also the most “BIBOng Zombie” reigning in the horde.

    Jump – Glide – Dash – Dive – Run and even Sing&Dance would be my overall package and hopefully just before the Outbreak would start, I could manage the Flying skill so that I can gather bountiful BRAINS — Literally Brains!!!

    Oh my muay thai moves would also be a plus factor. 🙂

    Please pick me, I’m dying and thirsting enough on those juicy Brains! Would promise to share enough brains to our packs and horde after the race.

  17. Months before I turn on my 50th year. I would surely apply the skills that I’ve learned and practiced through ages. Professionally goods at :

    – Motocross; A good way to drift those human in return of their brains. yumyumyum

    – Cooking; I know Chef Boy Logro nor Judy Ann Santos would be proud with my cooking skills Wuhahaha

    – Jujitsu; A skill that I learned from my father. The monkey and snake moves would be a perfect combination to tackle and knock those whining aliens, I mean those precious mankind. Whappak!!!

    – pa-Pogi Looks; Naaaahhh it comes naturally. Attraction is a great way to linger and corner a unit of brain. OOouyeah!

    I assure that the Motocross, Cooking, Jujitsu and pa-Pogi Looks would hit the top on making and naming myself as one of the awesome zombies in the horde. and who knows a top brain earner of the night too.

    Caution : Batteries not included.


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