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ID on Me: Road Safety ID

Keep your emergency information handy to ensure your road safety. Last Thursday’s long bike ride in Jala-Jala gave me the perfect opportunity to road test the ID on Me personal ID bracelet, which was so kindly provided for my review by Doms Pantaleon, the owner of ID on Me Philippines, the exclusive distributor of ID on Me USA here in the country.

ID on Me

I got the Pink ID on Me! Also available in Black, Red, Silver, or Blue.

I’ve never owned an ID bracelet before (I still have yet to claim my X-Sport Band from the Rebisco Run), but I know how important having identification is. If I get into trouble and can’t call for help on my own (i.e. unconscious or delirious), my emergency contact information is accessible for paramedics and anyone else trying to help. I usually wrap my driver’s license in some plastic along with some cash whenever I do long runs or bike rides. Still, I hate subjecting my driver’s license to the elements, and there’s always the chance it could fall out of my pocket.

The ID on Me bracelet securely goes on your wrist with an adjustable stretchable band; alternatively you can attach it to your shoelaces (a la D-tag or timing chip).

ID on Me

Emergency contact information inside the ID on Me

You write your emergency contacts and other information (such as known allergies) on a waterproof paper insert that you then fold up and store in the ID on Me compartment. Each ID on Me kit comes with four inserts so you can update your information anytime. You can even purchase more inserts when you run out.

The flip side of the compartment is embossed with “Emergency Info Inside”.

ID on Me

Emergency Info Inside

I wrote my info using the Sharpie provided with my review kit, but a ballpoint pen should work nicely so the ink won’t run if the insert gets wet.

ID on Me

I hope I never have to use this!

The compartment opens with a firm pull sideways on the clasp, and closes with a firm push downwards on the lid. I found this a bit tricky; the lid popped open when I put my info in the first time until I realized I needed to push it until I heard the clasp snap shut.

On my bike ride I forgot I was wearing the ID on Me because it was lightweight and sleek. I sweated heavily, but the band never felt soggy and it held its size and shape. I only remembered it was there when I got home and showered.

You can wear the ID on Me even with casual clothes because the Personal version’s discreet design makes it look like a fashion bracelet. There’s also a Medical version of the ID on Me that’s more upfront about being a medic alert bracelet.

The ID on Me retails for P599 for either the Personal or Medical bracelet version which comes with a black wristband. There are also pendant versions priced at P450. You can purchase other wristband colors for P95 each and insert refills for P95 for 4 sheets. The ID on Me is available in-store at JC Bikes/Sports Avenue on JP Rizal Extension, Makati City. You can also order ID on Me online; delivery is free for purchases worth P1000 or more.

For more information about ID on Me, check out the ID on Me Philippines website or follow their Twitter account @IDonMePh.

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7 thoughts on “ID on Me: Road Safety ID

  1. IMHO, Road ID is better than this one (both aesthetically and functionally). There’s a chance that the compartment will open accidentally leading to the insert falling out.

    The waterproof insert is similar to the one you can find on NB running shorts.

  2. The compartment is actually a bit hard to open even if your opening it intentionally so it would be really hard for it to open accidentally. One great advantage of this compared to our competitors is that information are not always exposed. With road ID, information are always visible which makes me feel uncomfortable especially when it’s my wife’s number in it. 🙂

    1. I agree, Doms. I like that the personal information is hidden from prying eyes. And yes, the compartment is quite difficult to open accidentally (unless you didn’t close it properly). 😀

    2. Hi Doms. Never had a bad experience with my personal information exposed so far. And the print is so small to read unless you really look at it closely and for an extended period of time.

      Well.. to each his own. 🙂

  3. That’s a cool gadget to have. This ID not only promotes safety,also it’s pretty stylish and useful too.

  4. I would like to order one but I don’t know how…

    are they not selling anymore. I tried texting and sending a private message in Facebook

    please help

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