#ColorManilaNiteRun Video + Kit Raffle

[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NIq_H17oRc]
Color Manila Nite Run Promo Video

Have you seen the Color Manila Nite Run promo video yet? Every time I watch it, I get so excited for February 23. Have you registered yet?

If you’re feeling lucky, I’m raffling off three (3) race kit gift certificates for Color Manila Nite Run! What do you need to do? Here are the raffle mechanics (valid only for Metro Manila residents):

  1. Follow @kikayrunner.
  2. Follow @proactive_ph.
  3. Tweet the link to the Color Manila Nite Run video in this format (click here to Tweet automatically):
    • #colormanilaniterun video via @kikayrunner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NIq_H17oRc
  4. Then, tweet the link to this raffle in this format (click here to Tweet automatically):
    • Win a #colormanilaniterun race kit from @kikayrunner http://kikayrunner.com/?p=3040
  5. These two tweets count as one entry. One entry per Twitter account only.
  6. Raffle draw will be held on Saturday morning. The list of Twitter accounts with submitted entries will be tallied and numbered. I will select winners based on random numbers generated by Randomizer.org
  7. Winners will be contacted through their Twitter accounts (so make sure you check your Mentions on Saturday!).

UPDATE 02/02/2013: I went through all your entries to verify them, and from 69 submissions, there were 66 valid and complete entries. (Three entries were disqualified for either failing to follow me or Proactive Sports on Twitter or only tweeting one of the two required tweets.)

  1. tweetnicm_pol
  2. key_pi_eyh
  3. roooojervoso
  4. my_precioussss
  5. hoypamela
  6. dot_estefani
  7. kakacabuyao
  8. kidlatbiker
  9. freeyouman
  10. maryjesus461
  11. reginadejesus11
  12. ghiex7
  13. pjongdelapaz
  14. rusz_08
  15. floritadej
  16. titaniumpc
  17. vickeree
  18. gloriawyco
  19. ellen29honey
  20. marcie612
  21. joeyan4
  22. yajnelle
  23. rowee13
  24. teresitaenc
  25. jesswyco
  26. petite_runner
  27. heidoh_3
  28. humblejowdie
  29. lizzzyesquivel
  30. lisadeguzmann
  31. e_ngels
  32. ken_rhel
  33. joevyz
  34. cdcv1111
  35. chardloresca
  36. jaydejesus1
  37. pissedoffjoyce
  38. jarredpogi
  39. bunsomanlupig
  40. wickednej
  41. katsy9
  42. yamnalliv
  43. godsforce4life
  44. rmeowrf
  45. bfrjustingomez
  46. jhunie_oro
  47. heiselle
  48. ricotoy11
  49. edguevarra3
  50. esterguevarra
  51. junereal0210
  52. thedionamacaboo
  53. justlaicah
  54. rommelvergara3
  55. hail_karen21
  56. andresd96156931
  57. ken_rhoel
  58. licupmanlapaz
  59. marpamintuan
  60. markmata3
  61. givensanchez
  62. annegar80258900
  63. lettongol
  64. vergararodel
  65. joellaquindanum
  66. maximomaricel

Here are the numbers Randomizer.org generated. Please take note all 66 numbers had an equally random chance of being picked in each set.

Color Manila Nite Run raffle random numbers

Congratulations to kidlatbiker, myprecioussss, and ghiex7! I hope you check your Twitter accounts for further instructions on claiming your Color Manila Nite Run race kit GC’s.

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