What Could This BE? The Mizuno BE

A few weeks ago I posted this photo and asked, “What could this BE?”

Two weeks ago, Mizuno finally revealed what the buzz was about the Mizuno BE.

Mizuno BE Launch

hosting the Mizuno BE launch

Unlike what many guessed it to be (a zero-drop minimalist shoe), the Mizuno BE is not a running shoe. However, it can help you become a stronger runner.

The Old Ways are BEtter

The BE is based on a Japanese sandal called the waraji, which were used by samurai and foot soldiers during Japan’s feudal era when most of the population in Japan would travel on foot between Osaka and Tokyo (a distance of over 500 kilometers!). Mizuno’s taken this piece of ancient technology into the 21st century.

Mizuno BE Launch

a Japanese waraji sandal

The waraji were meant to be worn with the toes protruding over the front edge of the sandal. This allowed body weight to be supported by the ball of the foot. At Mizuno’s SOZO Engineering Division, they found that protruding toes aided in stabilizing the body. Also, the muscles of the feet and lower legs tended to be more mobile and active.

They translated this concept into the shoe design by molding the sockliner with a dip in the toe area. This lets the toes move naturally up and down and to curl and grip, which activates the muscles of the foot. Major foot muscles used are those across the base of the foot: the Flexor Digital Longus and the Flexor Hallucis Longus, which provide propulsive strength aiding in running. The oblique shape of the toe box allows toes to spread naturally, aiding in stabilization.

Mizuno BE technology
technology in the Mizuno BE


The shoe is really light (200g for the men’s version, 160g for the women’s version). The only other parts of the shoe aside from the sockliner are the dynamic function heel counter which maximizes the heel’s natural cushioning, and the low-profile AP+ midsole which attaches to the BE footprint outsole. The synthetic suede upper provides comfort and ventilation.

Mizuno BE Launch

the Mizuno BE

Like I said, it’s not a running shoe. I think if I ran in these, the suede upper would tear after three 5-kilometer runs. (Mizuno’s minimalist shoe is called the Wave Universe. Check it out.) The Mizuno BE is a training shoe you use when you’re not running to make you stronger for when you are running. I use it post-race to help my feet recover. I love how it stretches my toes and arches out.

The BE’s suggested retail price is P3,995, but thanks to Mizuno I can give one lucky winner a P1,995 discount on the BE. This means that winner can buy the BE at P2,000! Want to be the lucky one? Here are the mechanics:

  1. Follow @kikayrunner and @mizunoph on Twitter.
  2. Like the Kikay Runner page on Facebook.
  3. Answer the question: What do you want to be? The most creative answer wins! Tweet your answer in this format: I want to BE (put your answer here) @kikayrunner @mizunoph #MizunoBE
  4. One entry per person. Please make sure your Twitter account is public so I can see your tweet.
  5. Contest begins today (December 17) and ends on Wednesday (December 19). Announcement will be made on Twitter.

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