Reminders for QCIM 2012: Parking & Cut-Off Times

I don’t live in Quezon City anymore, so I can’t just run to the Quezon Memorial Circle from my home like I did two years ago. The organizers have helpfully provided the following list of areas where participants can park their vehicles:

  • QC Hall
  • North Ave. (Wild Life)
  • Masaya St. (Teacher’s Village)
  • Kalayaan Ave.
  • Visayas Ave.

Take note that these roads may also be subject to heavier traffic than normal because of their use as parking.

If you’re doing the full marathon, the gun start will be at 3:00am promptly, and race cut-off will be at 10:00am, giving you 7 hours to complete the full 42 kilometers. Aside from the race cut-off, there will also be distance cut-offs. Here are the times you need to have passed a certain distance marker to avoid being swept off the race course:

  • 21KM Mark: 6:30am
  • 30KM Mark: 8:00am
  • 35KM Mark: 9:00am

This is an established practice in all international races. Please understand that organizers will adhere to these cut-off times to ensure the safety of participants.

Let’s all have fun and stay safe on Sunday. See you there!

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