Midnight Run 2012: Headware


Look at this pic of me from last Wednesday’s Midnight Run. What do you see on my head?

Midnight Run 2012: Headware

That’s a weird-looking zebra.

That pink bandana-looking thing isn’t there just because I wanted something pink in my outfit. It’s a Headware sport buff which I used to keep my hair away from my face and to protect my forehead from the scratchy fabric inside the zebra costume head. Headware’s soft, breathable fabric was just the thing to keep my head cool and comfortable that night.

I’ve also used Headware buffs on other occasions, like hanging out at Camsur while covering a wakeboarding competition, or even as an accessory to jazz up a dance outfit. It’s a great addition to gear for an active lifestyle.

There’s one thing that was missing from the Headware buff I wore for the Midnight Run: a reflector strip! Remember that we were running in the dead of night on EDSA. Good thing my Mizuno gear had reflectorized material to make me visible in the dark. But in this instance when safety is important, more is always better.

If I’d known Headware had come out with a Reflector line, I would have snapped one up before the race.


There are six different Reflector designs to choose from aside from the myriad regular Headware designs. This one above is a simple black Headware Reflector buff, but check out national triathlete Kim Mangrobang rocking a blue one to go with her uniform!


You can find Headware at all Planet Sports branches, ROX Bonifacio High Street, and online at Zalora.

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