Monsoon Relief Efforts

I landed back in Manila from my Cebu IM70.3 trip on Monday afternoon. The rain was constant but not strong, and my flight landed more or less on time. Two days later, most of the city’s experienced flooding, many people need rescuing, and more people need immediate relief.

I’m safe and dry, but trapped in my area surrounded by flooded streets. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t help. I can donate to the Philippine Red Cross relief efforts through credit card, or through text via Globe G-Cash.

If you’re able to get about the city, check out ReliefPH for locations where you can volunteer or bring any relief goods. Clothes, easy-to-open canned goods, bottled water, and baby needs will be very welcome.

Let’s also thank and say a prayer for all those involved in the relief and rescue efforts. Heroes, all of them.

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