I Wanted Abs: Lightwater Shoot

I Wanted Abs (My Sexy Solutions Experience)

Summer is over, so I haven’t needed to display my abs in a bikini in a while. However, there are still situations that require a bare midsection, such as my photoshoot with Xander Angeles forย Lightwater last week.

I Wanted Abs: Lightwater Shoot

photo by @DrinkLightwater

That photoshoot was quite unexpected, but I went in with some confidence because the previous week, I’d undergone a waist-slimming session with Sexy Solutions. Many thanks to Nuffnang for getting me a slot so I could experience the non-surgical procedures first-hand.ย 

I showed up at the Sexy Solutions branch in High Street Central a day before I left for my Singapore trip. They welcomed me with an iced drink, perfect to fend off the midday heat. Then I sat down to a consultation with Ms. Joie Tinio, who discussed the procedures that would be done on my belly and back area. I was kind of jittery even without the prospect of getting cut open, so Joie’s constant reassurances about the relative painlessness of the procedures and her detailed explanation of how they would affect fat on my midsection did wonders in calming me.

Then Joie passed me on to Smyle, my therapist who would conduct the procedures with the use of three machines. I got changed into a comfortable robe since she would use conductive gel, which might get onto my street clothes.

The main procedures that Sexy Solutions offers come in multi-session packages that you pay for in whole. According to Cristalle Belo during the Sexy Solutions Tomas Morato branch opening, this plays a big role in getting people to come back and complete the whole course of treatment, ensuring that they do get the results they want. Of course, I was only there for one session, but Joie and Smyle assured me I’d still see some results in the following days.

Smyle began with Lipo Cavitation, which bursts fat cells with low-frequency ultrasound. This breaks down fat buildup and allows the body to re-absorb and flush fat out through the lymphatic system. She followed up with Multi Firm which uses radio frequency (RF) and heat waves to break down fat further and to tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Lastly,ย she performed Body Sculpt to stimulate muscle contraction to tone and shape the body and also promote lymphatic drainage and increased metabolism.

After those three procedures on my belly, Smyle asked me to flip over so she could performย Tite FX on my back to reshape the area and reduce “muffin top“.

I Wanted Abs: Muffin Top Trimming

Goodbye, back fat!

Lipo cavitation felt quite innocuous; I fell asleep during it and Multi Firm. The Body Sculpt procedure woke me up though, because the pulse the machine sent through my skin induced some really powerful contractions in my abdominal muscles. Tite FX was also a bit of a shock because there was a vacuuming sensation followed by a strong tap from the machine. There was no pain, though. Just some discomfort.

I was told there’d be some bloating and swelling after the procedure, but in the following days my body drained away the excess fluid, leaving me with a trimmer-looking waistline. If I wanted even faster results for the next time, in-house nutritionist Nadine Tengco recommended I use her proprietary fat flush drink (which she provides exclusively for Sexy Solutions).

One can achieve a trimmer midsection the old-fashioned way — diet and exercise. In fact, I think that a lifestyle change leads to more permanent results. For shortcuts, though, you can’t come across much better ways than with Sexy Solutions.

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