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Because of work, I always miss the running-related events at BGC on Tuesday nights. One of those was the Beat Coach Rio event by Safeguard Active, which I followed on Twitter with the hashtag #BeatCoachRio. I wondered who could actually do it; although I have a healthy respect for Rio’s speed (not only that he can beat a plane during takeoff, but also that he’s able to hold a sub-4 minute pace over an entire marathon!), I know a few runners who aren’t too shabby when it comes to sprints.

During the #BeatCoachRio event, runners attempted to exceed their athletic limitations by racing 20 meters against an LED billboard version of Coach Rio running at his best 20-meter time of 2.3 seconds. The five fastest runners who beat the LED then went on to race the same 20 meters all at once against Rio, this time in the flesh.

When the post-event video came out I was happy to see so many of my speedy running friends there, including former Ateneo track star The Chickzilla Ally Lim (girl is lightning fast in a dash!). Who made it, and did anyone beat Coach Rio? Check it out!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShkRaL3t6yo?rel=0]
#BeatCoachRio: who did?

Everyone at the event looks like they worked up a sweat, which is great — except when that sweat dries and you can smell body odor. One way of avoiding B.O. is to bathe before a sweat session, which is what I suggested in a past post about running courtesy. (Little hint: women are more fastidious about how they smell. Can’t say the same for some men. Sorry, guys!)

Not everyone has the luxury of a bath before their evening run, though; most runners like myself go straight from work to our favorite running grounds. Thankfully, using Safeguard Active Body Wash (the Beat Coach Rio event sponsor) first thing in the morning protects against evening post-run B.O. with its 12-hour odor protection. Try it out for yourself and see if you can beat B.O. — even if you can’t beat Coach Rio.

*This is a sponsored post for Safeguard Active. View my disclosure policy.

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