3,000 Likes! Thank You (and a Contest!)

Last week, my Kikay Runner Facebook page finally hit 3,000 Likes. (Many of my blog readers find their way to my blog posts through my Facebook page.) So, as a way of saying thank you for reading my blog, I’m holding another contest!

Up for grabs is a Mizuno Prestige Card plus a P1,000 gift certificate from Mizuno.

Thank you to my sponsor, Mizuno!

A Mizuno Prestige Card allows you to accumulate the total worth of your purchases at Mizuno outlets so you can earn corresponding discounts. And, of course, a P1,000 gift certificate will go a long way toward getting you that new pair of Mizuno shoes you’ve been eyeing (or you can use it to buy other Mizuno gear as well).

Interested? Well, here are the contest mechanics:

  1. Make sure you have liked the Kikay Runner Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/kikayrunner)
  2. Comment on this post answering the question “What do you look for in a running blog?” in 200 words or less. One comment per person only. For example: “I look for information about running longer distances and getting faster. I also like reading about race experiences…”
  3. The commenter with the most thoughtful and entertaining answer wins the prize.
  4. Contest will run from February 28 (12am) to March 5 (12am). I will contact the contest winner via email.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

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About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in wellness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

25 thoughts on “3,000 Likes! Thank You (and a Contest!)

  1. What I’m really looking for a running blog is not just about the information of any race event nor what’s in regardless of what particular product, it’s about the broad thinking and perception of any bloggers about how running affects their well being and how it will inspire people to do the same thinking! Love the sport itself!

  2. I look for more details / tips about running; for injury free in running. I love this sport and gathering information is my main goal! Some techniques, freebies they’re offering and race experiences of Kikay Runner – reading experiences will be you strong, gain / gather techniques and freebies / promo as well that you’ve posted. Everyone are excited about running! Thank you

  3. I want to check reviews on races, shoes, and apparel. Photos of the bloggers adventures are also fun to see! Congrats on your 3000 likes Kikay! 🙂

  4. A running blog is where I look for tips on running. Everything from the choice of runs, training and nutrition, all the way to the equipment/products to use. As a part of the middle class I would like minimize (as much as possible) my expenses on running. Reading blogs would help me minimize if not entirely avoid the trial and error stage.

    But the most important thing I look for is on how to further enjoy my runs/races. We may have our own reasons to run but in the end, we run because we simply love it. And why not find ways to further enjoy something you love?

  5. “What do you look for in a running blog?”

    I look for…

    K-nowledgeable blog that will feed our mind from Running facts and informations.
    I-nspirational stories that will help us to Inspired.
    K-indly show us the hottest and latest Running EVENTS.
    A-dvanced Health and Wellness
    Y-our tips about latest Running Gadgets, Acessories, Books and Shoes.
    R-ace Results.
    U-seful Training tips.
    N-utritious food and drink guide for a Runner.
    N-everending games and promos.
    E-ntertaining running videos to teach and train us a new tips.
    R-unning Blog like KIKAYRUNNER is a complete blog for a Runner like me.

  6. I want to read about his/her experiences on his/her trainings or races, review on shoes or other sports gears, stories of his/her life that can inspire other athletes/non athletes to be active and healthy, feature some people or athletes, some photos, training tips and some wacky stories that can help others to relax while their having a rest day from training or from work. 🙂

  7. what i’m looking for in a running blog is the same as what every newbie runner would want; but still catch the attention of the more experienced runner. it should have the basic information on how to start training for a run; depending on distance as well as tips on building up resistance when you plan to move up to longer distances. it should not be too fancy with the information easily digestible. it should appeal to runners of all walks of life and not only to the ones who can afford the rising rates of organized runs. it should contain info, places as to where to buy the best running gear, apparel depending on the budget. even the best pair shoes to buy per budget. with freebies/discounts to boot every now and then, we’ve got our running encyclopedia.. err blog… 🙂

  8. Aside from running & nutrition tips, race & product reviews, I look for stories of a blogger’s experiences in training, races, travels, and side trips because while reading it, I feel that I am with the writer and also experiencing the same stuff he/she tells in her story.

  9. What I look for in a running blog are the blogger’s experiences in running since it helps everyone in the running community, begginers and seasoned runners alike. Reviews on the running gears that they used/encountered on a particular race whether it is a long-distance run, trail or a short one is a big help as well. Running tips/advices is also a good thing to be added. Articles that may affect the running community like the one posted few weeks ago regarding the rising prices of registration fees of running events, these articles will surely open a runner’s mind. Upcoming race events info is an add-on. And of course free race kits though it is not really necessary but having such contests really generates a lot of blog hits from the running community. More power to your blog.

  10. Aside from guidelines on proper techniques, nutrition, training, reviews on gadgets, shoes and races, what I look for in a running blog is the experiences of the writer because it shows the runner’s attitude which gives me more motivation and inspiration to continue on the sports activity that I love. I wanted to blog but I have not given sufficient time to it that I am really fond of those people whose blog sites are updated. I also admire Kikay Runner’s courage in voicing out the concerns of many runners about the increasing registration fees. Having done that, it shows that you are not being apathetic about these issues and that you also care about the runners. I am glad everytime I wear my I run like a girl shirt because I am a proud fan of Kikay Runner. More power to you! 🙂

  11. A running blog that I’m looking for is not just about giving running techniques, workout, proper diet, and announcing upcoming races. But also to be educate us with in-depth exeriences, achievements, and defeats. Those running jargons we commonly hear but only experienced runners can understand must also be translated in Layman’s terms. Also, it must have unbias reviews of not just footwear, GPS watches, and standard running apparel. But also some other things we do not really read a lot in an average running blog such as music, food supplements, and even undergarments. Of course, adding some sense of humour must be available to prevent readers from getting bored.

  12. It’s good to see the bloggers’ race feedback as one of the participants because we get more insights as if we were at the bloggers shoes. Like for example, surely next year there will be a lot of female 10k registrants at Sun Life Sunset run who will want to be at the front line to take a glimpse of PJ! But seriously, we can also get some tips on everything associated in running in which will generally be beneficial to everyone.

  13. As far as our running community evolved, nowadays everyone of us can have a running blog, as far as i’m concern what i look for a running blog is that, they must have its unique and balance approach towards running related ideas, concerns or such criticisms which brings out the reality in a very much anticipated good race for us runners, they must not be biased to one another but in fact share with each others facts or ideas to help us established a good camaraderie to us runners, and lastly they must be open minded and be original at all times…

  14. What I look for in a Running Blog are topics about

    Running Techniques, Running Tips, Running Apparel Reviews, Running Shoe Reviews, Running Watch Reviews, Running Schedules, Running Race Results, Running Diets, Running Experiences, Running Race Reviews, Running Facts, Running Stories, Running Promos (I especially wait for these), Running Rants, Running Guides, Running Technologies, Running Groups, Running Transformations and also about Running in general.

    And that’s enough english for now because my nose is already nunning.

  15. I am one of those runners who spend time reading and searching race events before joining a run. So what I’m looking for a running blogs are:

    RACE REVIEW- For runners who are choosing a quality yet affordable races, runners will have guidelines in searching for a well-organized event (from technical description of a run, cost of registration fees, hydrations, freebies, and rating/recommendations from blogger).

    PRODUCT REVIEW- This will be the guide of every newbie and experienced runners who are putting their budgets in choosing the appropriate gears like running shoes & apparel, running accessories etc (from technical description of shoes, price, pros & cons and rating/recommendations from blogger)

  16. Im looking for a more personal feel in a running blog. Where one will feel that someone feels, thinks and reacts the same way as you do. That personal connection has to come through in every topics he/she posts. Im also looking for unbiased, clear, in-your-face product reviews – the type that will really help you decide on what to purchase. Photos are not bad too.

  17. What I look for in a running blog is a MARATHON. As in something that can give me;
    M – otivation to continue running.
    A – dvise on the do’s and dont’s of the sport.
    R – ace reports. No holds barred insights/experiences from a specific race he/she just joined.
    A – dventures and challenges the author faces in his/her life that readers can learn from.
    T – imely updates on races and other not-to-be-missed events.
    H – eart. Nothing beats reading something that was written from the heart as oppossed to those bloggers who writes just for the sake of blogging. You know what I mean?lol
    O – nce in a while giving promos or games with prizes. Sharing the blessing from sponsors
    N – o non-sense topics.

  18. A running blog should go beyond the basics of Running. It should transcend just being a dictionary for runners but rather a reflection and source of inspiration about the life lessons a runner has experienced.

  19. What I’m looking for a running blog is something unique which consist of article “Women of the Month” featuring touching lives of Filipina runners (athlete or average women) that represent women of empowerment in running world. It should feature capturing moments and inspiring stories from their humble beginnings to triumph and success.

    This article will be a motivational drive from readers of this blog that everyone has her own athleticism in their life especially Filipina women who can outdo, outplay and outlast the battle of life.

  20. Hi! I enjoy running blogs that share information specific the Filipino running scene. You already get a lot of tips, techniques, and advice from running magazines and websites but you can only get Pinoy info from blogs. I particularly enjoy reading about locally available gear, best running shops (and sale alerts!), race news and reviews, features on local running personalities, recommended running routes, the blogger’s opinion on “hot topics” (chismis?) in the running scene, etc.

  21. What I’m looking for a running blog are:
    1. Unbiased race reviews (walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan, serbisyo totoo lang)
    2. Free race kits and discount priviledges (alam naman natin ang mga pinoy, mahilig sa libre)
    3. Upcoming race details (really attended the race launching or a good contact ng organizer, hindi copy and paste lang)
    4. Running tips (para bumilis at maiwasan ang injuries)
    5. Shoe and running gadget reviews (first hand experience sa mga produkto)
    5. Race results (mabilis na paglabas ng resulta ng karera)

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