Riovana: The Sole of Running

Riovana: The Runner’s Nirvana

You know Coach Rio de la Cruz for his trademark hair and his race organizing company, RunRio. You may or may not have heard he had another business venture running soon. But if you were in the vicinity of Bonifacio High Street tonight, you might have seen these lights:

Riovana: The Sole of Running


In just a few short hours, Coach Rio’s running store Riovana will open its doors for the first time to running enthusiasts like you and me!

“Riovana” is a word coined by Rio and his business partners; they gave it the meaning “the sole [soul] of running.” It’s also meant to be a runner’s nirvana, containing products you would need for running (as well as what you would want, hehehe). It will also have showers and lockers so runners can freshen up after a run. Now who wouldn’t want to wash away all the grit and sweat after a hard training session?

Riovana: Dressing Soon

What should I wear?

Check out Riovana’s soft opening tomorrow, November 4, starting at 11am. I’m dropping by in the evening before and after going for a long run. Riovana’s going to leave me no excuse not to train.

Riovana: A Runner's Nirvana

Riovana is located on 28th Street corner 9th Avenue, across Honda.

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

3 thoughts on “Riovana: The Runner’s Nirvana

  1. Hi April, they haven’t priced the lockers and showers use yet, but they will have per-use pricing and yearly pricing. 🙂

    Arthur, they offer most if not all the running gear brands we’re familiar with, as well as a few services that runners will love. 🙂

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