Kikay Biker: meet Athena

The Kikay Cyclist

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I mentioned in my 2010 year-ender post that I want to get into multisport. Now while there are aquathlons (swim-run) I can join, I really loved going through the swim-bike-run in my first triathlon, the Speedo NAGT AAV. I knew I needed my own bike.

Kikay Biker: meet Athena

Meet Athena.

I aimed to buy a brand-new bike assembled by Team Endure’s resident bike genius Pio sometime in January. But in December, before Christmas, I got word that one of my friends was selling her bike. Within that same week, I had my own bike and named her Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Of course, acquiring the bike itself was only one part of the process. I already owned a cycling jersey, but had to get myself some full-length cycling tights, since I fell off the bike one day and scraped the back of my right calf with the gears. Ouch. My tights are from Anatomic, a local brand (super affordable!) I found in All-Terra in Robinsons Galleria.

Kikay Cyclist: full outfit

protective battle gear

The great thing about being part of Team Endure is I don’t have to go through training alone. We had some excellent rides during the holiday season at MOA and Daang Hari (this was before all the ruckus about bike thieves. grr!).

Kikay Cyclist: Team Endure and friends
Kikay Cyclist: Endure girls

with Team Endure and friends

As for aerobars, which every triathlete must learn to use, a good friend loaned me his. He’s currently undergoing hemodialysis while waiting for a kidney donor, so he’s got to take it easy and won’t be getting into aero position any time soon. Thanks, Philip! Praying for a matched donor for you soonest…

Kikay Cyclist: aerobars

No, I didn’t sell my kidneys for these!

I went to Bikezilla in Ortigas with GingerBread Man Luis and Abby yesterday to have the aerobars installed. The store personnel were super helpful especially to a bike newbie like me. Not only did they install the aerobars on the spot, but they also adjusted where my cyclocomp was installed. After that, they inflated my tires and checked if my gears were shifting smoothly. All that for 100 pesos. Serbisyo espesyal!

Kikay Cyclist: at Bikezilla
Kikay Cyclist: Aerobars

It’s all coming together.

Before I left the store, I managed to pick up a few extra items: a Lazer Tempo Sport helmet to replace the borrowed helmet I’ve been using, a Fizik saddle pack to keep my bike tools and tire inner tubes in, and Serfas tire levers for when I eventually have to change a flat tire. Dave from Bikezilla even showed me how to do that, yay!

Kikay Cyclist: Loot!

For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Getting into multisport has proven to be a bit of an investment for me, but I’ve found I can still be a well-equipped Kikay Cyclist even on a budget. It just takes a little bit of patience and great deals from friends. Ü

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16 thoughts on “The Kikay Cyclist

  1. Thanks Flyingboar! Actually I’m just completing everything I need. My next and last improvement on Athena will be cleats+pedals and bike shoes.

  2. nice aerobars. Did they transfer the brakes on the aerobars? Have you tried shops in cartimar and quiapo? You already got the cycling shoes and cleats? (to transfer kikay power to the pedal

  3. The brakes are still on the hoods, and so are the shifting levers. (Did you look at the photos in this blog entry?) This isn’t a full aero setup, it’s just a roadie with tri setup. I will make a field trip with Endure teammates to Christy’s in Cartimar soon; I bet I can find a great deal on shoes and cleats there. πŸ™‚

  4. Hello! I’ve been looking for long cycling tights, and it’s helpful that you mentioned about Anatomic. Anywhere else I can find that? I really don’t want any scars on my legs from (future) bike semplangs! I’ve also just started my multisport endeavor and it’s really nice to find someone in the same feat (and blogging). Also started my own blog to document the multisport adventures =)

  5. Hi Chrys! I just dropped by your blog a while ago — such a great read! Congrats to Jeff on his win at the Green Aquathlon, by the way. One of my Endure teammates helped officiate as part of their ITU Level 1 certification. πŸ™‚

    I’ve only found Anatomic speed tights at All-Terra Galleria, but Bikezilla has Transition 1 Just a caveat though: the T1 has a side mesh that extends from ankle all the way up to the waistband, so kita ang hita. Haha! You can contact Anatomic for inquiries at anatomic.cycling at gmail dot com or call them at 455-9744.

  6. Noticed your cyclocomp was placed on your aerobars instead of the stem. Did you prefer it that way or somebody advised you that’s where it’s best located?

  7. RJ, that’s where Dave from Bikezilla placed it temporarily. Also there’s no more space on the stem. I just had my drink bracket installed on the aerobars so they moved the cyclocomp again.

  8. You are now a Bikezilla habitue πŸ™‚ We were happy to help Noey, I went through the same thing before. With the FFC, you have everything you need for NAGT this Feb.

    To an earlier post, she had T2+ clipons, no base bar yet πŸ™‚ Unless she decides to do a full TT setup lol.

  9. Chrys, I’m entered in the minisprint distance. I’ve not done an open-water tri yet and I won’t have much training on the swim and bike going into NAGT due to Condura. πŸ™‚ Will I see you there?

  10. Yup! I just recently decided to register for the minisprint distance as well πŸ™‚ it’s gonna be my first tri! and also going to race condura. i’m pretty sure you’re gonna own the minisprint given your athletic abilities πŸ˜‰

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