Asics GT2150

Asics Gel GT2150

Before I ran the Milo marathon I was already looking forward to my next shoe purchase. I had plans to get myself a pair of Vibram FiveFingers and maybe join the barefoot running revolution… But my purchase of the Asics Gel GT2150 has moved those plans to the future.

It was high time for another pair of running shoes, since my New Balance 1225’s were already halfway through their estimated lifespan. My Nike Span 6’s, although they look practically brand-new, aren’t really suitable for anything than porma anymore, since my feet always ache in them even after very short runs.

Asics GT2150

Asics Gel GT2150

Although it isn’t as well-known or as promoted as the Kayano (which the Asics salesmen push on me every time I so much as approach their store racks), the GT2150 offers stability for my collapsing right ankle, gel cushioning, and the same durability that Asics loyalists swear by (hindi madaling mapudpod). It’s lighter than the Kayano as well, but not quite as light as my NB’s, which I didn’t notice until I held the shoes side-by-side.

These Asics also had an unintended, but not unwelcome, side effect: they changed the way my feet strike the ground. I’m a heel-striker in my NB’s, but in my Asics it just feels more comfortable and more plush to land using the midfoot/forefoot area of the sole. It probably helps that its sole is generally one thickness from toe to heel instead of being built up and heavier in the heel. Landing this way helps me avoid stressing out my plantar tendons, which heel-striking tends to do. Goodbye, plantar fasciitis!

Of course, this adjustment in running technique hasn’t come easy; I can no longer overstride and land on my heel, so my stride length has been shortened and I now have to work on improving my stride rate to maintain speed. Also, my forefoot area isn’t used to taking this kind of impact, so I’ve experienced blisters on the side of my ball of foot. Hopefully the calluses build up soon so I can run more comfortably in my Asics.

Gotta love their insoles, though:

Asics GT2150: Cute Insoles!

Kikay insoles!

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15 thoughts on “Asics Gel GT2150

  1. Thanks, Jinoe. Lakas lang talaga ng push ng mga salesmen sa Kayano, but I really felt it was too heavy for me. Strangely, the GTs aren’t being sold in the Asics store at Greenbelt. I bought mine at RUNNR.

  2. i have the GT1150 and i really liked it. i also tried the kayano pero parang wala ako masyadong napansin na big difference. i’m also eyeing a fivefingers ever since i heard na dumating na sya dito pero tsaka na.

  3. Noeeeellle! Thank for this review. I’ve been eyeing this pair since last week when I saw it at the mall. Although they did have a free 15 day trial, it’s nice to know someone who actually tried it and liked it. =) Need to replace my Mizunos na rin =(

  4. I’m happy with my kayano 15 but happier with gt2150:) So much lighter than kayano:) And yes, it changed my foot strike, at least, I think, Shoe guru Hector said so too. From heel strike to midfoot:) kikay insole is definitely a bonus!:)

  5. GTs also garnered as many awards as the kayanos and nimbus’. Since i purchased GT2110, way back, i never considered other brands or models. It is very durable! Really a great shoe.

  6. Yep. Ok ang asics in general.

    Gumamit nako ng… kayano-15, gt2120, nimbus 9 at ngayon gt2150.

    GT2120-my first asics. sale so binili ko. eto nag convert sakin to asics

    Nimbus 9 – Halos di ko nagamit except for walking/malling/office. Panget ang stride ko so… di sya bagay sakin kaya ang sakit after 3 minutes sa treadmill.

    Kayano-15 I think ang pinaka ok sa feet ko. Pinang replace ko ng GT2120 ko na nabasa at ayaw matanggal ang amoy kahit anong pagpapatuyo ang gawin ko πŸ˜›

    GT2150 Bought these last month. Ang gusto ko sa asics yung parang nag foform ang insole sa heel mo so kumportable sya. Anyway, mukhang matibay din although di siguro sing tibay ng GT2120 pero mas mabango hopefully.

  7. Tina and Ken8, yep these are the insoles that came with the shoe — definitely was a strong selling point for me! Hehe.

    Hotlegs Julie, hey we’ll have the same shoes! πŸ™‚ Hope you like; they’re not as soft underfoot as my NB’s but I love how springy they make midfoot landings.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, very informative. I’m glad I chose a shoe others also found to be good!

  8. Hi! had the 2150s since march. i really prefer this over my other stability shoes. however, any runs over 1 hours, i get blisters in the same area that you are describing (at least that’s how i picture it). do you still get those blisters up to now?

    btw, i have midfoot strike.

  9. Gabriel, I ran in them for about 15 kilometers after I wrote this review and didn’t get any more blisters, but that might have been because I was using a mixture of footstrikes, not exclusively a midfoot strike. They’re kind of snug around the bunion area, which I think is why they tend to cause blisters there.

  10. Been running in the 2150’s for a while now and really couldn’t recommend them enough! The Asymmetrical lacing takes a bit of getting used to as it looks like your feet are pointed at a funny angle when you run but after a few runs you barely notice the lacing at all.

    They are well worth it in my opinion if for nothing more than the extra gel cushioning over other cushioned shoes. I used to have a bit of a problem with shin splints but the extra cushioning has helped massively, and I can now run further on hard surfaces than I could with my old pair of Asics.

    My Asics 2150 Review

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