Reminders for Run for Home 2010

Yet another race Sunday is coming up — Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home. I’m excited! It’ll be my second 21K. I’m pacing with some of my friends from Rico, Timmy, Sid, and Rene for a 2-hour, 20-minute finish. I’ll be the only rose among the thorns, but at least the distance won’t seem so lonely.

Route Maps

I hope you’re running with friends because all the routes are interesting and unique. You might even want to take photos, if you’re not chasing a PR. *wink* I’ve taken the liberty of screencapping these route maps from the Run For Home website for easy reference.

UPDATE (03/17/10): How annoying. They changed the route maps — and they’re pretty drastic changes as well! I’ve updated the screencaps below with the new maps.

Run for Home 3K
Globe Run For Home 3K

Run for Home 5K
Globe Run For Home 5K

Run for home 10K
Globe Run For Home 10K

Run for Home 15K
Globe Run For Home 15K

Run for Home 21K
Globe Run For Home 21K

The 10K, 15K, and 21K routes will all pass over the Kalayaan flyover, but it’ll be something new because we’ll be approaching it from the other side of EDSA. I for one am really stoked about the sights on our 21K. Ü


Since the race begins and ends at the Ayala Triangle, you’ll have to be very early or very creative with your choice of parking. These parking areas will be open on that day, but slots are limited in the ones closest to the venue. I’m planning to park at Greenbelt, walk to Ayala Triangle, and just stash a change of clothes at the baggage counter.

    Open 4am to 10am:

  • De La Rosa 1
  • De La Rosa 2
  • Valero 2
  • Makati Stock Exchange
  • 6750 Steel Carpark
  • EDSA Carpark
  • Open 24 hours:

  • The Link
  • Glorietta 4
  • Greenbelt

Assembly and Gun Start Times

Your race kit should have a list of assembly and gun start times per race category stickered to the plastic containing your bib and timing chip. There’s a lot of wiggle room between the assembly and gun times, so try to be in the area at assembly time to do your warm-ups, stretches, and last-minute trips to the restroom. Don’t be caught with your pants down at gun start!

UPDATE (03/19/10): This is bad. They changed the start times three days before the race! What if you’re someone who doesn’t have regular access to the internet to read these updates? Grrr…

  • 21K: assembly at 4:40am, gun at 5:10am
  • 15K: assembly at 4:55am, gun at 5:25am
  • 10K: assembly at 5:10am, gun at 5:40am
  • 5K: assembly at 5:25am, gun at 5:55am
  • 3K: assembly at 5:40am, gun at 6:10am

Timing Chip, Facebook Updates, and Live Video Feed

Don’t forget to tie your chip to your shoe! The rule is no chip, no time. And if you haven’t yet, add the Globe-Ayala Land Run For Home ChampionChip Update to your Facebook account so you can get updates posted to your Wall every time you pass a waypoint mat. (NOTE: Don’t just be a fan of it. You have to approve a set of permissions for it.) You can also tell your couch potato friends to watch you cross the finish line through the live video feed on the Run For Home website.

Hope to see you at the starting line!

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13 thoughts on “Reminders for Run for Home 2010

  1. Thanks for reminding about the ChampionChip application. I'll do it when i get home. have to memorize din the 5km route in case maligaw. dadaan pala kami sa bus-infested area ng edsa-ayala. 🙂

  2. Glad I could help, Calvin. I don't understand why the routes weren't printed out as part of the race kit.Hi Julie! I actually set a sub 2-hour PR at Condura. I'm running slower here at Globe as part of my marathon training (treating it as my weekend long run). Also, I'm helping support Rico. 🙂

  3. very useful parking tips for those not familiar with makati! 😉 but i might walk from the house nalang. hehehe… thanks for the heads up on the gun start times! :D"The FIRM" / The Firm Box ka pala ha! :-p hahaha! 😀

  4. Sid, try to wear something that will match my pink shirt. heheh.That's the advantage of living where you do, Doc Marvin! (nanglalaglag ka naman eh…)Michael Angelo, do try to find the banner when you finish so you can join our class photo. 🙂

  5. Hi Noelle. If you go to the Globe Run for Home site now, you'll see a different map. They have different routes than the ones earlier posted. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the heads-up, Allan. These are pretty major changes. Quite annoying since people have already started familiarizing themselves with the old maps. 🙁Timmy, who's Franny? 😉 If your singlet will be in that color, game!

  7. oh changed of routes… hmm anyway the thing you are looking for is the finish line! hope the markers and marshalls are banner? hehehe ill just take a look at you guys if i saw that hehehe you could identify me wearing a bezel casio edifice hehehe (i guess im the only one doing that)just to know my time when running .Wanted to get a GF310XT damn expensive at navco

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