Super-sized Superbods Run

Century Superbods Run
Century Superbods Run

If Condura had about 8,500 registered runners plus some bandits, apparently the Century Superbods Run now can lay claim to being the biggest race event of 2010 (so far). There are now more than 10,000 people who have registered, and still more putting themselves on the waitlist.

I do believe it has something to do with the man named Derek. No, not Zoolander.

Derek Ramsey
Derek. Stop looking at me like that.

For my first race back from my 21K this is as good as any, if not better, since it’s a chip-timed one. Then again, I don’t know if I should be aiming for a new PR here to bust the one I set at the Philstar Run. My feet have been feeling funny since Condura; my arches and ankles are sore.

When I got my feet analyzed at RUNNR last August prior to buying this current pair of shoes, I was told that I had a neutral foot and arch. However, due to the angle of the camera at the analysis, I had no idea whether I was a heel striker or a midfoot or forefoot striker, much less if I overpronated. From reading the forum, I found someone with similar symptoms as me, and this kind of pain is most likely caused by over-pronation. At short distances (like the 5K’s and 10K’s I usually run), it’s not normally a cause of pain. But I had just subjected my feet to its first 21K ever without gradually increasing my mileage. As the Good Book says, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I’m going to SecondWind Ortigas tomorrow to get a second-opinion gait analysis. Hopefully, the news will be good so I can run Century on Sunday without worries.

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11 thoughts on “Super-sized Superbods Run

  1. Is this short of saying Papa Derek is a bigger comeone than Papa Piolow? Haha crazy turnout, 5,000 runners for 5k alone lang daw! Where will they cram those people? Good luck Noelle πŸ™‚

  2. yan din wino-worry ko sa century. i hope makayanan nag route yung dami ng tao. nakakasira din ng pace pag marami na masyadong nagkukumpulan. hope to see you on sunday! naka-pink ulit?

  3. I'm joining the Century Tuna Run, too! Hope to see you there!May Second Wind na pala sa Ortigas? Saan?Noelle, do you want to join the Men's Health All Terrain Race in May? I'll put you na on the blogger list if you're game.

  4. Hi Noelle, I don't wanna spoil your excitement, but I believe Derek won't be able to run on Century Superbods. He had undergone a knee operation. But Coach Rio told us that he is inviting Piolo instead. If Piolo would agree, he'd be running a 5K.

  5. Thank you, Melvin!Calvin, I think your best bet would be to outrun everybody. Hehe. No I won't be wearing pink, but it'll still be something special — if I do get to run.See you on Sunday, Ro! Yes I'd like to join that Men's Health All-Terrain Race. That'd be awesome!Actually, Minnie, never in my post did I say I was excited to see Derek (I've already been around him up close). I said that most likely the huge turnout has something to do with the star power backing the race. I'm well-aware of Derek's ACL injury. He does still have to put in an appearance at the race even if he doesn't run, though.Thank you, Ray! There's a CLP again this Thursday for Century. You coming?

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