One-Day Expo at Unilab for Run United

I was already at Ortigas Home Depot this morning, chilling at Starbucks and waiting for SecondWind to open its doors when my mom called. Excitedly, she told me, “I’m at Unilab and there’s gait analysis here!”

I’ll backtrack a little to explain. My mom and sister are both proudly Unilab employees, and today the company held an exclusive expo with Planet Sports at their fitness center. Featuring New Balance products at a staggering discount, Fitprint static analysis, and a gait analysis with a sports physician who also consults for SecondWind. (I’m sorry, doctor, I forgot your name!) In line with Run United on March 7, the company has really been pushing their employees to take up running and sign up.

So my mom called, and of course I went to the expo at Unilab instead. Hehe. First I got my foot measured for New Balance shoes (I’m a 7 1/2) then had a static analysis of my feet. I distribute weight evenly along my feet when standing, and my heel-to-toe motion is straight through when walking. But the gait analysis showed me what really happens when I run.

sticker markers for gait analysis
That is not my best angle.

I got stickered on three points for each leg — knee, calf, ankle — so that the good doctor could plot the points on the video captured of me running on a treadmill.

capturing my run
Ugh. I’m a heel-striker?

Upon analyzing my footage, the doctor determined my left leg is well-aligned through footstrike, mid-stride, and toe-off, with an almost-perfect straight line running through the points on my left leg. My right foot, however, turns outward when I run, so my heel, ankle, and calf twist to accommodate this. Upon toe-off, my leg rights itself.

Oh, and I’m a heel-striker. Sigh. Gone are the illusions of being a midfoot striker. Oh well, I still can run pretty fast anyway. πŸ˜›

Based on what I learned from these tests, I went for the New Balance WR1225, a medium-stability shoe with good cushioning. (According to Timmy, it’s the “Christmas shoe” since it’s 12/25. Get it? Ü) Since I’m increasing my mileage anyway this year, I’m gonna need a pair of shoes that’ll take that kind of punishment. I hope this fits the bill.

NB 1225: Pink
Of course, they’re pink.

I’m breaking them in during the next few weeks so that by March 7 at the Unilab Run United, they’ll be race-ready!

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

10 thoughts on “One-Day Expo at Unilab for Run United

  1. good job kikayrunner on having your gait analyzed πŸ™‚ hehe ako naman opposite nung sayo, my left foot ung nag popoint outwards, hehehe pero difference natin is mas forefoot ang natural landing ng paa ko πŸ™‚ hehehe check mo yung link ko for my "story" naman hehehe see you century! may name ka na sa xmas shoes mo? πŸ˜€

  2. wwwooo ganda bagong shoes. im a stability shoe user din with cushioning pero sa asics naman kinuha ko. so hindi ka talaga makatakbo on superbods?

  3. Thanks Timmy! I hope I made the right choice about my shoes. πŸ™‚Calvin, I think my race kit is coming tomorrow. My feet feel good today, so we'll see how it feels on Friday when I run a bit.

  4. Truman Bryan, the first Noelle now has Christmas shoes! hahaha.Sid, I still have to find out whether they will be my salvation. :PThank you for always encouraging me to aim for a sub-4 hour marathon, Natz. I and my shoes will try our best, by the grace of God!Hello Doc Randy, thanks for the analysis. πŸ™‚Drey, bro, look for Hector when you go to Secondwind.Papi Jet, the shoes were great today during my run at Fort. I'm very happy with the purchase.

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