Now, I’m Ready for Condura 2010

Most of my friends are running either 3K or 5K at Condura, my regular pace buddy Mr. F is injured, and after yesterday’s bout with illness I didn’t know if I wanted to continue with my 21K. But after attending tonight’s Carbo-Loading Party at Joey Pepperoni in Fort and meeting all those people passionate about running, I feel re-energized and ready to tackle the Skyway.

It was amazing just being there among people who will also run the 21K distance this coming Sunday. I now know I’ll have plenty of company (and hopefully a few people I can pace with). It was lovely to meet Jinoe, Rico, Luis, Vicky, Rene, Sam, Jet, Gerard, Pojie, Sid, and Abby for the first time. It was also great to see Timmy, Doc Marvin, and Rodel again. (Uy, Rodel, pwede ka na mangampanyang Congressman, ha.)

The Condura 2010 Race Kit

I also claimed my race kit today at the tents set up near Fort Strip and R.O.X. From all accounts, it was an organized claiming system. It only took me 5 minutes to claim all the kits from three different tables — I ended up having to waste time walking around Bonifacio High Street before heading to Joey Pep for the CLP!

Condura 2010 kitHere’s what I got: my bib number (40396), a blank bib to personalize, a finisher shirt, a Nature Valley bar, a reflector, an Ako Mismo: Ay Tumakbo dogtag from Smart, and a sachet of Lactacyd feminine wash (not in photo). As you can see, I’ve already written on my blank bib — a little self-promotion doesn’t hurt! Ü And it’ll also help distinguish me from the other ladies running in Nike pink on race day.

I’m A Pink Lady

Condura 2010 outfit After Vicky made a post about her Condura preparations, I realized I will not be the only one wearing a hot pink Nike singlet. If our hunches are correct, Vicky and Julie will also be wearing it! But I think I can distinguish myself by being the only one of the three Pink Ladies to wear tights instead of shorts. Also, I’m a size medium. *blush*

(Didya notice what’s not in the photo? That’s because it’s a secret — Victoria’s Secret. *wink*)

See you on the Skyway!

UPDATE (02/05/10, 01:02am): In my excitement about getting the race kit, I didn’t check it. I just found out I have no barcode sticker on the stub to hand to the finish line official. Argh! I emailed to inquire what can be done about this oversight.

So, if you haven’t claimed your race kit yet, when you do so, check that all is shipshape before you leave so you don’t have to come back for something they forgot to put in it!

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in wellness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

12 thoughts on “Now, I’m Ready for Condura 2010

  1. nice meeting you noelle… i'm trying to control myself, baka mag-blush ako (buti naka-red ako, hindi masyado halata hehe)enjoy the run and see you on the skyway =)

  2. Pageman Paul and Run Kick Smash, see you on the Skyway!Hi Rico, too bad you're missing the Condura after you wanted so badly for the full mary to be included in it. Pleasure meeting you last night!Haha Jet, nakakatuwa ka kahapon. Good luck on Sunday!Drey, sana kikay pa rin ako sa finish line!

  3. You look so different in person vs the photo in your blog! ;)p.s. in your photo you look like a simple pretty lady… in person you look like an angel!!! my gosh!!! in fact i read your nametag twice but still didnt approach you kasi baka ibang Noelle eh :p I'll say hello next time!Good luck on Sunday 😀

  4. Jazzrunner Rene and Pat VVinceth, thanks for the vote of confidence — I will just do my best and hope that will make for a sub-2 hour time!Notsquare, it's called the magic of make-up. Ü yes, I would love to meet you next time!

  5. hehe I wore tight too babe!I guess tha diff is I wore black socks hehe! Rache and I saw you but you wearing walking fast towards the front of the starting line. Coincidentally, I ran with Lally and Gail who were also wearing Pink.Congrats Noelle! Hope I get to be as fast as you someday =)

  6. Hello Hotlegs Julie! Hehe I thought you were going to show off your hot legs. 😉 I try to position myself near the true-blue halimaws at the front so I get an extra adrenaline boost at the start of the race.Let me know when you wear your pink singlets again next time; let's get a picture taken! 😀

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