[QUIZ] What’s Your Workout Type?

Want to spark an active and fit lifestyle, but just don’t know where to begin? Need to fire up your routine, but don’t know what you should try? To stay healthy you need approximately 30 minutes of moderately intense physical activity most days of the week, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Find the hottest workout fit for your personality with this quick (non-scientific) quiz. You’ll be burning calories in no time!

The type of workout you might enjoy depends on your personality. Continue reading “[QUIZ] What’s Your Workout Type?”

Six Types of People at the Gym

It’s been six months since my resignation from my gym job, and while I miss the daily access to good-quality training equipment and personnel, I realize how strange gyms can be.

I’ve identified about six types of people I’ve encountered at the gym. This is by no means an exhaustive typology, but just a compilation of observations after working at a gym chain for eight years.

I stepped out of the four walls and into the outdoors many years ago and found that while I can certainly build a great body in the gym, training outdoors builds memorable and irreplicable experiences in this big world of ours.

At the Gym

A gym is just like a nightclub, a friend of mine known for making scandalous statements once told me. I laughed at him then, but it’s true: where else do you go to chat up scantily-clad people over loud music on the in-house sound system?

People socialize at work and at parties, but usually there are common interests and people that bring them together. At the gym, individuals from almost all walks of life come through those doors and it’s hard to think of them having anything in common with each other. Or do they? I’ve been living and breathing the gym environment for years, and while there are many people, there are a few obvious types worth noting. Continue reading “Six Types of People at the Gym”