Kikay Reviews: Zenith Smart Scale

Today was the moment of truth: have I gained weight from the holiday season? The answer is YES. And now I know it down to the fraction of a pound, and then some.

Truth be told, back in December when Digital Frontier the official distributor of the Zenith Smart Scale offered to send me a unit to test and review, I had my reservations. Who really wants to confirm the damage done during the feasting? But everyone knows that knowing is half the battle. So I bit the bullet and told them to send it over.
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Kikay Reviews: Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau

Late last year I made a change to how I ate, starting with giving up daily consumption of junk food and processed food. I had an opportunity to try Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau, a meal delivery service.

Gourmade is a solo venture by Chef Rob, a seasoned chef with 10 years of experience in international cooking from Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Wynn Hotel Macau, and Wynn Encore. A graduate of International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, Chef Rob is famous for his fine dining Western and Asia cuisine.

The available meal plans are Skinny Down and Pescatarian.

Skinny Down caters to those who desire to lose weight by eating portion-controlled meals without depriving themselves of the whole shebang. It promises healthy, fun, and tasty meals while attaining your fitness goal.

Pescatarian offers diet meals for those who prefer fish and vegetables.

Since I was trying to lose weight, I picked to go on the Skinny Down menu for approximately two weeks (no deliveries on Sundays). I would receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks daily and by the end of my two weeks I would have dropped some pounds and hopefully developed a taste for healthier things.

Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau
Macanese minced beef with egg & brown rice, crispy fish w/ wasabi cream sauce, and chicken satay wrap

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What You Need to Know about Running for Weight Loss

I was never a sports-minded person and lived a sedentary lifestyle until I woke up one day twenty pounds overweight and pre-diabetic. I realized I would have to start exercising if I wanted to become healthy again and lose the extra weight. Like so many others, I took to exercise and eventually to running to achieve this goal.

All my “fat” photos are from before social media became prevalent, so I’ve never posted any of them — or if I did, I would expertly crop or edit them. And because my weight loss happened very gradually (as it really should), I only realized how far I’d gotten when I put these two photos side-by-side, even if the “Before” pic isn’t a full-body one.

Noelle Before and After

Whether you’re trying to lose weight for health reasons or just want to improve how well you fit in your clothes, exercise helps. According to statistics from the Weight Loss Control Registry, one needs to burn about 2,800 calories a week through exercise to be successful at losing weight. Those who were most successful at keeping the weight off for at least a year exercised regularly.

Running is one of the top calorie burning exercises; the Mayo Clinic estimates a person weighing 73 kilograms can burn upwards from 606 calories per hour depending on run speed. Given the ease at which you can just go out and run, the way most people end up loving the feeling of running, and the many other health benefits you can derive from it, running is a great way to trim down and shape up.

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