My Comeback Race at the UPLB Trantados Fun Tri

Eight years ago around this time of year, I did my first triathlon. It was a pool-based minisprint where the main reason I took the overall win was because the lead female took the wrong turn. That race and the high from crossing the finish line was what made me fall in love with this sport, and it was what I built on in the ensuing years.

Life has a way of being poetic and coming full circle for me, because I found myself making my comeback to triathlon at yet another pool-based race with a similar short distance. The UPLB Trantados Costume/Fun Triathlon has been a stalwart on the local calendar for years, so it’s quite shameful that this was the first time I was racing it. Based on last weekend’s experience, it won’t be the last time. :) Continue reading “My Comeback Race at the UPLB Trantados Fun Tri”